Something “escaped from a secret underground base” in Antarctica

SomethingA photo from open sources

One of the most poorly studied and mysterious continents on Earth. Antarctica was and remains. And it’s not even that it’s very it’s cold and no one lives except for employees few scientific stations. Just in this icy desert any miracles constantly occur, ufologists periodically find traces of UFOs and aliens here, and conspiracy theorists It is not unreasonably assumed that the entrance to the inner world of the Earth, which the German stubbornly searched for at one time Nazis of the Anenerbe organization.

There is a lot of indirect evidence for all this, just remember 1947 expedition led by Rear Admiral Richard Byrd, which collided with the Queen Maud Land of Antarctica an unknown adversary with unprecedented weapons like laser and “flying saucers” that arose as if out of nowhere.

With the advent of the Internet and mapping applications, for Antarctica began to be watched not only by scientists, but also by independent researchers who now periodically find something here weird. Another such discovery recently made conspiratorial YouTube channel called ThirdPhaseFromTheMoon. Its host Blake Cousins ​​prepared interesting video material (see below), which demonstrates on the snapshots of the google maps app are something amazing and inexplicable.

A photo from open sources

If we turn to the coordinates 62 ° 0’29.99 “S 57 ° 45’14.86” W Google map service (this is Greenwich Island) then on photographs of 2005 can be seen as if something is breaking out of snow-ice wall. And in the 2007 photographs it’s “something,” It seems that it has already “escaped” from a secret underground base, because in this the place there is a huge cave, the entrance to which is approximately 75×75 meters, and an object sized about 14 meters.

Blake Cousin even points to the staircase structure, which leads to the opening, and it is very similar to an artificial structure. All this, according to the conspiracy theorist, recalls opened niche in the underground base of Antarctica. But whose is she? Aliens, inhabitants of the inner world of the Earth, or maybe it’s all something beyond our understanding?

There is a suggestion from skeptics: it’s just natural failure? But why is he six months later without a trace disappears, as if the entrance to the underground base is closed? If contact to today’s snapshots of Google Maps, then everything is already covered in this place snow and ice …


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