Something happens in the English monastery, not rational

Something happens in the English monastery that cannot be rationally explained.A photo from open sources

In the overseas segment of the World Wide Web recently appeared creepy video made in the English monastery “St Osyth’s Priory. “This village priory Saint Osayt in the northeast of Essex, was founded in 1121 year. It is believed that the structure is inhabited by evil spirits, although where did it come from? taken in such a sacred place, no one knows. Maybe here once there was any major tragedy that awakened in monastery evil forces?

The video below was shot in January this year. a group of British supernatural researchers. Specialists visited St Osyth’s Priory to capture it something unusual, and most likely they succeeded. Ominous videos show how one of the expedition members begins face change. Her eyes turn white, creepy appears inhuman grin. You might think that these are frames from some Hollywood horror movie, but certainly not from the record, made by an amateur camera.

Someone thinks that the Briton was actually obsessed living in a Catholic monastery devilry. Someone sure the heroine of the video is a real witch. According to skeptics, there’s probably nothing supernatural here, but everything the fault is poor recording quality and poor indoor lighting.

What do you think about this?

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