Something in the sky of China again supernatural

Something supernatural is noticed again in the skies of ChinaA photo from open sources

China is generally a country of mysteries, even the Chinese themselves are not quite ordinary people in our European understanding, as they are capable to some inhuman acts and fantastic collective manifestations, why their actions are similar to the mechanism of colonies insects. It is no coincidence that they are compared with ants, and their communities – with anthills.

However, in this mysterious Asian region and in general some inexplicable miracles happen, for example, floating among Clouds of the city are most often noticed in the Middle Kingdom. Right here found the skeletons of dragons and often removed them live in the sky, finally, it was in China that the two miners managed go down to the underground inhabitants of kton and one of the Chinese named Wang Hu even somehow came back. And such cases in China is a lot, perhaps much more than in any another country of our planet.

Now, the Chinese city of Shanzhao, whose inhabitants recently witnessed a mysterious phenomenon when appeared in the sky something like a huge ring. In China, before strange black rings in the sky, for example, in the city of Dalian, however the present was not quite like that – it seemed to burn, and only inside a dark bezel was visible in this ring of fire.

A ring of fire in the sky was observed for approximately fifteen minutes, then it suddenly disappeared – not melted, not went out, but instantly “turned off”, which surprised the most patient viewers waiting for the end of this heavenly performance.

Even ufologists were at a loss, because the flying the device (even of an alien origin) is not particularly similar. Is it just some kind of visual effect from the aliens? This phenomenon is almost identical with the mysterious black rings, all more often appearing in the sky at different ends of the Earth. That’s just this “pipe exhaust”, as scientists explain them, is not very “drawn” to such a definition. As one of the Internet users joked, apparently the aliens are tired of the stupid explanations of our Orthodox scholars and they threw them a more difficult task …


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