Something similar to Antarctica found giant antenna

In Antarctica, found something like a giant antennaA photo from open sources

Arizona Ufologist, Known By Michael And Alias MrMBB333 claims to have discovered something amazing on satellite imagery of Antarctica. According to the American, he ended up there giant object consisting of several evenly decreasing elevations crossed out by the same straight line.

Skeptics claim it’s only weathered snow drifts, however Michael is convinced that nature could not create such perfectly even symmetrical pattern. Surprised by his find the researcher suggests that this is a huge antenna three football fields wide and four long.

But who could build such a magnificent building on the ice continent? Maybe a secret world government? Some ancient race? Representatives of extraterrestrial civilization? Anyway, Michael considers that it is necessary to send an expedition there, or at least an unmanned aerial vehicle that carefully examines this object in place.

However, such proposals have recently come from independent researchers of the Earth’s ice continent are increasingly since in Antarctica, thanks to the same Google Earth application, mysterious objects that are clearly not natural origin, such as pyramids (no doubt – man-made), some giant staircase, a plot paved road with a bridge and much more. However hope that based on satellite imagery and assumptions ufologists and virtual archaeologists, someone will take some steps and organize special expeditions to the Antarctic, too naive …

Antarctica Pyramids

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