Something strange is happening in the sky above Mexico

Something strange is happening in the sky over MexicoPhoto from open sources

Before Mexico, before the New Year holidays, a huge funnel in the form of a colored spiral, which remains there until now. It was recorded by the “Catedral Metropolitana” meteorological radar weather services Mexico City.

Fail to fail in the settings does not work, because about emergency operation of the radar there is no mention. And such the anomaly is not recorded for the first time. For example, a similar funnel in in the form of a spiral covered Mexico in 2012 and in 2014. In all In some cases, scientists have never found a less clear explanation for this. phenomenon.

In addition, something similar was observed in 2010 by the Australian weather service. In all cases, the ideal form a circle that covers a vast territory. Moreover, on the earth does not occur any weather anomalies, which can it would topple the appearance of spirals.

A photo from open sources

Ufologists suggest that these phenomena are somehow related to aliens who have long been present on our planet. More “sober” scientists are trying to blame the military, who if that and experience, then almost never admit it. Perhaps it traces of the HAARP research project. In any case, the question is still open, not a single earthly organization or the country did not take responsibility for the appearance of strange circles over Mexico and Australia.

For this reason, it remains simpler to dump everything on aliens, especially since they constantly demonstrate in the sky UFO flights and sometimes on very strange devices and at very fantastic maneuvers.

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