Something strange was discovered again at the Pass Dyatlova

Something strange was again discovered at Dyatlov PassPhoto from open sources

Russian enthusiast Valentin Degterev, engaged in many years the study of the mysterious death of the tourist group Dyatlov, made another intriguing find regarding the infamous pass on Northern Urals. Researcher discovered on YouTube video hosting a video published on February 25, 2014 and shot shortly before that on the eastern slope of Mount Holutchahl.

The authors of the recording obviously tried to recreate the conditions under which once were Dyatlovites. In particular, it was found that a tent in the wind literally bursts in a couple of days shreds without any outside interference, like some other details, however, in no way explaining that long-standing tragedy.

A photo from open sources

But what Valentine really got interested in was a random piece of video where you can see a strange an anomaly. It resembles a cluster of some reddish translucent objects, either rolling along trees in the distance, or slowly flying above the ground. In other words, we are talking about something surprising.

The operator, apparently, did not notice anything unusual in any shooting time, nor when viewing your own video later, then laying it out on a video hosting without considering this intriguing the details. Nevertheless, the woodpecker Degterev, as now some other commentators on “YouTube”, discerned on the recording this incomprehensible object. Despite the fact that the Ural researcher does not can still explain the origin of a bizarre anomaly, he believes that she can be responsible for the death of nine tourists under the leadership of Igor Dyatlov.

A photo from open sources

According to the enthusiast, such unidentified objects are capable of periodically appear here in the winter and pose a threat for people. Maybe in front of us is an aircraft of representatives extraterrestrial civilization? Or energy accumulation like ball lightning? What if a phenomenon of mystical nature was captured on Holachakhl? how be that as it may, this curious round in the investigation of the famous incident interested many Internet users in Russia and abroad.

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