Something was happening in the sky above Florida mysterious

Something mysterious was happening in the sky over Florida.Photo from open sources

American Corey Thomas accidentally managed to catch in the lens of your camera is quite an interesting celestial phenomenon, which can be interpreted in different ways, but in any case it’s something mysterious and noteworthy.

A man just walked down the street when in the sky above a small the American town of DeLand (Florida) suddenly noticed in the sky something that immediately interested him. There is clearly something behind the clouds incomprehensible happened (watch the video): whether a mysterious light tried to break through the foggy curtain, or some kind of flying the device was hiding behind the clouds. However, it could be simple some natural phenomenon that does not fit into the usual the scope of our experience.

In any case, Corey Thomas hastened to get a smartphone and take it off. a miracle in the video. It turned out, as he believes, quite entertaining video worthy of the attention of the multimillion-dollar Web audience the Internet. Of course, the video immediately went to The Hidden Underbelly YouTube video hosting.

And the author of the video turned out to be right: the video found wide response from users of this channel. Can be different relate to comments, including mention of Jesus Christ, and angels, and aliens, but that’s interesting – people assume that cloud formations are not so primitive (ordinary water vapor), as we are taught from childhood. Clouds are, quite possibly another intelligent civilization. Or something like that.

However, skeptics did not see anything in the proposed video remarkable – just the rays of the sun make their way from behind the clouds and create some pareidolic illusion that everyone is free interpret as he wants. Or how can, to the best of my intelligence, education, religious beliefs and passions, say ufological subject. But to reality it doesn’t have, they say, no relation …

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