Sometimes strange creatures fall into the lens movie cameras

Sometimes strange creatures fall into the lens of a movie camera.A photo from open sources

At the beginning of this year in Dagestan, an unknown operator shot on the nature of the alleged elf – a small humanoid who well camouflaged among stones and vegetation (see video – first half of the video).

The author of the video, without mentioning his name, clarifies that both The video was not received by him. The first plot – near the village of Majalis (the administrative center of the Kaitag region), where, as it turned out, small humanoids live. Sorry for the quality of the video, the man explains that all this was shot by chance, on the most ordinary a smartphone, and during shooting, nothing unusual, no one even noticed.

The second plot was received almost at the same time, only already near the mountain village of Kasumkent (administrative center Suleiman-Stalsky district), in this case, it fell into the camera lens the most common dump. And here on the video you can see a strange a shadow that the author doesn’t even try identify only by assuming that it was some kind of ghost. To some, a flickering shadow will certainly seem like a flying bird, but the birds do not fly so low, especially in this case I would have noticed it the one who filmed all this, but this did not happen …

All these anomalies were noticed much later, with watching a record on a computer, and even then not immediately, since only experienced eye of a specialist accidentally caught up during watching, I was able to catch something unusual. How much is all this interesting and informative – decide for Internet users. Of course, videos with such low quality are not worthy of attention. serious paranormal researchers, but lovers, perhaps it will be interesting. At least the operator himself was very puzzled by what he saw, because he did not even notice anything personally while shooting …

Bird Time

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