Sounds in the clouds and fogs: another mystery of nature

Sounds in clouds and fogs: another mystery of naturePhoto from open sources

Despite the fact that in school textbooks it’s very simple and clearly explains what clouds and fogs are like, in in reality, these drip formations hide from us to this day many mysteries, why even the theory of rational the clouds.

Music in the clouds

The British faced one of these puzzles in the 19th century. self-taught scientist James Glacier. Carried away by meteorology and ballooning by balloons and balloons, he in 1862 first encountered a strange phenomenon: at the height of four kilometers in the clouds over England he heard music. In five years this was repeated in the clouds over Paris, and this time Glacier listened to a wonderful concert of orchestral music.

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One would think that the researcher is prone to auditory hallucinations however in 1867 James invites to fly to aerostat meteorologist Gaston Tissandier and astronomer Camille Flammarion who in the clouds above Germany also heard to the music.

James Glacher devoted a lot of research to this strange phenomenon years and ultimately concluded that clouds and fogs somehow able to capture and amplify sounds, source which is located at a great distance. His guesses confirmed then other balloonists, for example, British aeronauts, ballooning over london in dense fog.

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Mysterious Sounds of the Mists

Mariners also talk about this strange property of fogs. In the open sea in foggy weather, they say, you can hear utterly unimaginable sounds, say, dogs barking, cow mooing or a girl’s laugh, although the ship is surrounded by the ocean for hundreds of kilometers. In the past, when people believed in mysticism, similar jokes of fog often led to panic among sailors and tragic the consequences. But even today it is not known for certain what kind of “natural phenomenon”, and whether natural at all …

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For example, residents of the city of Taos, USA (New Mexico) in the foggy the weather periodically hear from the desert side the noise passing highway technology, although there’s no way there. This strange phenomenon even got the name “Taos rumble”, but scientists could not find an explanation for him.

Such an unusual case is also known: in 1997 on Ross Island in Antarctica, polar explorers heard a noise during thick fog passing train, with friction of wheels and characteristic tapping on the rails it was so clear and explicit that it even caused researchers have mystical fear. Where did the noise come from passing composition, no one understood …

Mysteries of clouds and mists – clues still to come

Today, when science would seem to go far ahead, this riddle of clouds and fog remains a mystery. Moreover, to she added observations of the strange behavior of the clouds, which can take “talking” or symbolic shapes and shapes, monitor people and even help them, for example, saving them from the cold in mountains, covering the unlucky travelers with a “fog blanket”, which surprisingly becomes warm and warming. And on the other sides, fogs (these clouds falling to the ground) can lead away people in parallel worlds, to drive crazy, and indeed …

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And if the scientific sounds in the fog (clouds) are still somehow, let not very convincing, but explain how they blame on the para-idol cloud symbols, then from everything else they just dismiss: this can not be – and that’s it. And it is, like witnesses of such amazing phenomena. However, if in our only clouds and fogs were mysterious in the world, all of it – one solid riddle, do not you find? ..

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