Southampton residents are weird sounds

Southampton residents are disturbed by strange soundsA photo from open sources

Residents of the port city of Southampton, located in the county Hampshire on the banks of the Solent Strait, for several months awakens a mysterious hum. City authorities at a loss shrug, and scientists blame the mating fish for everything. A few months ago, Southampton residents first heard a strange “throbbing” noise that deprived them of sleep and peace. Worried Britons even turned to doctors to rule out noise in ears. But after the examination, which showed that mental and the physical health of the townspeople is in order, people began to write complaints, addressed to representatives of the city council. “When I first I heard this hum, then I immediately thought that I was going crazy, – admits Linda Zammit – Now strange sounds are repeated every night if there is no wind or rain. They either wake me up among nights, or they’re not allowed to fall asleep at all. ” Maria joins her words Dennett, living in another area of ​​the city: “We constantly hear a pulsating noise. At first, I attributed the buzz to a washing machine or dishwasher that works with neighbors, but that’s happens so often that now I’m sure it’s not about neighbors. ” Officials confirm they received from dissatisfied Britons more than 30 complaints, but have not yet been able to determine the source loud sound. Representatives of the city council came to the rescue scientists from the Scottish Association of Marine Sciences (Scottish Association for Marine Science) who blamed the mating fish. “Perhaps the townspeople are disturbed by the hum emitted by the midshipman’s fish for attracting females. These creatures are nocturnal and can buzz for two hours to attract attention females, as well as scare off competitors and calmly impregnate eggs. Unfortunately, the sounds they make are so loud that heard even in homes, ”said Dr. Ben Wilson. True, such an explanation did not suit officials – they believe that the source of the sound could be “anything.” assumptions, including plant noise, cargo ships, aircraft, and even mating fish. At the moment, we can not find the reason a strange hum, but we believe that it is unlikely that it is issued by the midshipman fish. it could be anything. We plan to learn the buzz with monitoring equipment, ”said a member of the city council Davina Miller


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