Soviet soldiers saw in Mongolia dinosaurs?

Did Soviet soldiers see dinosaurs in Mongolia?Photo from open sources

In 1988, in one of the Soviet military units based in Mongolia, an emergency occurred. Military soldier Gregory D, while on duty, suddenly opens fire from an automatic machine. We’ll clarify that he could use a watch’s weapon, but only in the extreme case and, as the soldiers themselves joked, “only to defeat reviewer. ”

In this case, the soldier did not hit anyone, and explained the shots by attacking him … a dinosaur from which he had to defend himself machine gun fire. Strange, isn’t it? This is how they understood it and members of the commission of investigation of the incident, and therefore a soldier was urgently sent for examination about his mental condition.

Probably, this emergency would be safely hushed up, like many others, especially in Mongolia, where the service was even for officers far from sugar, not to mention conscripts. But dinosaurs have become to see other soldiers of this unit, and not only soldiers, but also officers.

Inquiry of the medical doctor Burlachuk

Of course, the higher command suspected that here not without the use of psychotropic weapons. By whom and for what They didn’t find out yet, but just in case they sent to the unit experienced psychologist V.T.Burlachuk. This specialist faced with the fact that no deviations in the psyche of employees of this the ill-fated part was not. Then what is it? The doctor puzzled for a long time, conducted all kinds of experiments until he once … saw dinosaur.

A photo from open sources

However, to recognize himself as a victim is also not clear why, Burlachuk is not could: it threatened to put an end to his reputation and military career generally. And so it was found quite satisfied with the explanation. Just before the “appearance of the dinosaurs” in the military unit an artesian well was drilled. An “experienced” doctor came to to the conclusion that the memory of that past, when dinosaurs roamed this territory. It is somehow created, apparently, mysterious chrono-mirages.

“Poisoning” with water or is it still an anomalous zone?

… The military unit was again transferred to the consumption of imported water – and the visions of the dinosaurs immediately ceased. True as later it turned out to be only in reporting, but the unit officers were already so tired of inspectors, which became more and more that with joyfully agreed with the arguments of Burlachuk (real danger from After all, there are no dinosaurs), who suggested lowering everything on the brakes: order the soldiers to keep quiet, and the officers themselves do not pay to these illusions of attention.

It was rumored that after this wise decision “invasion” dinosaurs to the part not only did not stop, but even intensified, with time, soldiers even began to disappear in a strange way here. But then the USSR just collapsed, part was disbanded, and therefore no one was interested in the anomalous zone of Mongolia: neither military nor scientists, not even paranormal fans, which by that time were neither in Russia nor in Mongolia. IN You can’t find them in Mongolia during the day with fire …

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