Space aliens drank the lake

LakeA photo from open sources

This inexplicable event occurred in May 2007. in patagonia (Chile). The lake, which was 5 miles long, literally disappeared, and on it the place remained a 30-meter pit, mountains of ice and dry land!

When was the last time (March 2007) that geologists examined the lake, they did not find anything strange. What happened in two the following months, which made such an impressive a pond (five miles long), and the river flowing from it has turned into a little trickle that soon dried up completely? Reason such a phenomenon could be an earthquake, faults in the soil in the result of it, however nothing like this in the region it was not recorded.

Ufologists claiming that the lake came to the aid of geologists dried alien spaceship. Just at this time in these places observed the appearance of UFOs. Anyway, find out an authentic cause of the cataclysm still does not seem possible, that is, over the past seven years since then, nothing confirmed at least one of the versions.


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