Space witch

A meeting with aliens today will not surprise anyone. Messages about they come from all parts of the world, except perhaps Antarctica. The consequences of such meetings for people are not yet clear. However registered many cases when they were difficult fit into the framework of common sense and, unfortunately, very deplorable. The following is one of them.

Fire over the lake

… Was earlier in the Middle Urals unremarkable a village of over a hundred yards on the banks of a large lake. Lived in it is several hundred people, it was called Velikovo. Once, a hundred years ago, in broad daylight above the forest at the far end of the lake in a bright fire flashed in the sky, flew over it and hit the shore not far from the outskirts of the village.

Space WitchA photo from open sources

Then the old people said that there was a huge pit more than ten fathoms across. The place was bare, nothing there did not grow, except for young aspen. But by some miracle it’s not broke, but only bent, and she remained standing on the shaft near this pits.

Those who approached the pit said that they were scattered around some kind of wonderful “stones”: some are black, nostril, others are greenish, dense and heavy. Allegedly, they remained in the pit “red-hot arrows of fire” that “moved” like living ones.

Cursed place

Soon, some devilry began to happen in the village. Cattle which was driven to the lake for a watering place, began to hurt and in no wanted to come up to him. Then they started to feel bad and people, especially those who went to the pit or swam in the lake. Him even yes Is there a new name – Shaitan Lake instead of Shchuchye. A shore with a pit they began to consider it a cursed place, because daisies grew densely there with black petals.

To get rid of the evil that wound up in Velikovo, the outskirts on the shore set up a very beautiful wooden chapel. But it helped a little. There were cases when during the service people lost consciousness and banged to the floor. Yes, and the pop with the deacon could not serve more than half an hour, they began to get confused.

Nevertheless, gradually the situation began to improve. And still the First World War began, many Velikov men were taken to soldiers, then Civil brought new troubles to the village. Generally, they forgot about the damned pit.

Green men remembered her before the Great Patriotic War. TO after the dispossession, the number of inhabitants in the village is strong diminished. Soon, everything male now went to the front population over 18 years old. And after them, and those who were before the war still teenagers. Units returned home. Yes, and in the village a lot the female died during the war. So eyewitnesses there is very little mysterious incident.

According to their stories, in the fall of either 1939 or 1940 from the sky the “big iron steamer was on fire” and buried itself in hillock near the pit. After that, the village began feel the earth from time to time begin in some places shake. This was especially noticeable on the lake. Fishermen said that first, large ripples run through the water.

Then the vibration frequency increases, there is a sound that becoming higher and higher, turning into a piercing howl. Moreover, if you do not leave the vibration zone in time, the person will get drunk: first loses control of himself, does not understand what he is doing, and then generally ceases to think. After some time, “caught under vibration “was ill unknown, and some even died.

But that is not all. In the forest approaching the village, people saw some strange green men of small stature, not taller 110-130 centimeters. But they could not be considered, because they immediately disappeared in some mysterious way. True, once this managed.

Three women, having gathered cranberries in the swamp behind the lake, returned to Velikovo. Tired of the day. And then they noticed in the forest several they thought the guys were sitting in a circle on the clearing.

In the village everyone knows each other. Aegi were unfamiliar. Women put the baskets on the ground, and one went to the “guys” find out who they are and who they came to. And they sit, do not notice. AND came very close, when suddenly one of them turned to her the head. She froze: his face was green, without a nose and with huge saucer-like eyes. Two other women saw this. They screamed with good obscenities, threw baskets of cranberries and in horror rushed to the village. Later, when they returned with the men, to there was no one in the clearing.

However, even without this incident, people were so scared that they started disassemble houses and transport them to neighboring villages. Probably, everyone would have resettled, but the war prevented. However, after her last the inhabitants left Velikovo. One inferior remained in the open field the hut in which the widow Mary lived with her ten-year-old daughter Alenka. Her husband died at the front, there was no other kindred, so help with there was no one to move.

Yes, she didn’t really want to leave. She said it’s green little men help her manage the garden and treat her daughter, if she get sick. So it was or not, no one knew for sure yes and no were asking. In the surrounding villages, Marya then did not show up, to no one went to the cursed place, and about the widow with her “green chefs” gradually forgotten.

Grandma Alena

Years passed. In the late 1990s, the villages there appeared peppy old woman who claimed that she was Alena, daughter only the recently deceased Velikov widow Mary. Outwardly, it was the most an ordinary granny with a wrinkled face like a baked apple. Here only her eyes were somehow not like that.

Photo from open sources

Usually they did not pay attention, because the old woman walked with her head bowed low. But, it happened, inadvertently hooks them someone, and the man involuntarily shuddered – like two sharp a gimlet pierced him. And then he remembered them for a long time and after saw nights in nightmares.

Witch phenomenon

More often than other villages, grandmother Alena appeared in Semenigino, standing fifteen kilometers from the disappeared Velikovo. And each times unexpectedly, when she was not expected at all. And how is she approached the village, no one saw, as if from the ground grew right in the middle of the street. Not a single village holiday, not a single wedding or christening, however, and wake also.

Specially, nobody ever invited her. But it cost the guests sit at the table as the door opened, and appeared on the threshold she. He stands, looks, holds onto the jamb, until she is at the table sit down. Everything would be fine, but only every time someone must something bad to prophesy. One is disease, the other is loss, the third is fire, the fourth is death, the fifth …

In short, you can’t count everything, since there was a supply of bad news she is inexhaustible. The most important and amazing thing is that everything predictions come true! Therefore, grandmother Alena, as she is now called, they began to consider a witch-sorceress. And some right He said that she was a witch and that she should be feared.

“Little, little!”

In the end, the men found a way, as in such cases quickly neutralize the uninvited guest so that she does not have time to prophesy any trouble to anyone. Who is braver, immediately poured a faceted glass of moonshine and with a bow he brought to his grandmother.

She, without wincing and without biting, overturned him and, having knocked over, sat quietly, dumbly glancing at the clouded gimlet eyes on the audience. After an hour or two, I got up and, without saying goodbye, she left the house. After she left, everyone sighed in relief. and some were baptized whispering a prayer.

Photo from open sources

But there was one subtlety in this saving procedure: a glass must have been poured to the brim. If, however, even very small, from the toothless mouth of the grandmother Alena was heard angry roar. With a rough male bass, she menacingly demanded: “Little! Little! Drink want!”

But the second full glass did not always help. And then the evil heap began to promise people all sorts of troubles, until it ran out of steam and did not fall asleep, dropping her head on the table. Its careful not to wake up, carried to the farthest room, or even to the closet, where she slept until morning and then inaudibly disappeared.

Grandma insults

Over time, the villagers noticed curious things related to such overnight stays. When grandmother Alena remained in the village, at night in balls of fire necessarily appeared in the sky. Small no more baby ball, they hung in a swarm over the house where she slept as if guarded, or perhaps guarded by a witch.

One more thing. If it was summer and the owners put it in some closet or closet, not in the room, the old woman in the morning complained of disrespect for her. But, when in the evening the flock was driven with grazing, it turned out that there were no cows of these owners: the shepherd did not spotted, and the belly somewhere behind. The next day, in search of her It took more than one hour. But it was even worse when the cow stopped to milk Nothing helped here, and she had to score on meat.

By the way, pets were clearly afraid of the witch. When she appeared in the village, all the dogs instantly hid in the yards and didn’t appear outside the gate until it disappeared. And cats are evil hissed when the grandmother entered the house and hammered somewhere away. But, since people did not suffer from this, no one attached importance to such trifles.

Prison in a stool

Once, a man who was eager for practical jokes decided to play a trick on grandmother Alena, when she showed up for some kind of celebration. Brought up her a glass of moonshine half diluted with water. Vorosheya not blinking an eye, she drank and seemed to even grunt with pleasure. She did not prophesy anything bad and quickly left the assembly. The joker felt like a hero and kept saying that now it would be possible save on booze, anyway the old woman doesn’t understand anything in it. Yes, only early did he rejoice.

The next day, at noon, some strange noise attracted men to his house: something falls there with a loud bang, like someone moans, in short, you really don’t understand. Guys entered the house, good the door was not locked, look, maybe what happened to him, he lived with a mare.

And they saw such a picture that they froze in amazement in the midst chambermaids. The owner was inside … stools, as if in a cage. Himself from she could not get out, but she didn’t have enough strength to break it – the stool was worked for conscience. Only with the help of an ax did they rescue the poor man. He couldn’t tell what happened to him, because with his mind started off.

The Hoarse Case

However, it was, as they say, half the trouble, the joker suffered For business – do not mock the old man. It turned out to be worse another. From that memorable day grandmother. Alena began to be declared in Semenigino every two days on the third. With or without reason. And each time he mischiefs someone, so soon I got everyone nowhere else to go.

Photo from open sources

And then from the next prison he returned to the village of Kolyan Khripaty, declaring that he is now in authority and nothing to him. Men they told him that the weakly wicked witch would “soak” him. That said that to do this is just a spit, and no witchcraft she help, but demanded a box of vodka for the job. Guys do not cheat They began to drink that box anyway.

A few days later, already in the evening, grandma Alena appeared in Semenigino, twirled near the general store, but no one brought her a drink, and she, something grumbling discontentedly under her breath, went to the next the village. The road went through a ravine overgrown with bushes. There and trapped her Kolyan. Knocked down and slashed with a knife in the throat, and for fidelity also on the belly.

Then something incredible happened. As he later told felon, when a sharp blade cut his throat, the uterine roar: “Little! Little! I want a drink!” This went on for about five minutes, until the old woman did not stop twitching. And when the knife then went through belly, a brown, hairy lump rolled out from the inside like a little hedgehog. And quieter it came from him again; “Few! Few! I want a drink! ”

Kolyan boasted that he did not believe in God or in hell. But from such a sight on his forehead a cold sweat came out. Pulled the body in side of the road, somehow threw branches and ran into the village where a box of vodka was waiting for him. I gulped almost straight from my throat two “bubbles” before he came to his senses and told that happened.

Law enforcement authorities did not initiate criminal proceedings on the fact of the murder, although rumors of him were reported to the police, of course. But since grandma Alena was not registered among the residents district, as if it did not exist. Well, there was some beggar and gone. Nobody cares.

To believe – not to believe

Regarding the reliability of this mysterious story, we can say following. Not only before the revolution, but also before World War II during all over the world no one about any flying saucers and green men had no idea. Yes, and now in the Ural deaf people do not know what ufologists write about all this. Meanwhile eyewitness accounts mostly correspond to modern information about UFOs and aliens. Therefore, the facts of the crash spaceship near the lake and the subsequent shelter of the second UFO no doubt.

As for the aliens who hid their “plate” and remained at the landing site, one can only wonder why they are done. Perhaps something happened to their ship too.

Finally, the grandmother Alena herself, either accurately predicting whether sending all sorts of troubles. Most likely when dealing with aliens, green men, as a result of their she really appeared parapsychological abilities, including the gift of foresight. IN so many different misfortunes await our lives of people that their and no need to send. But the mysterious circumstances of her death the criminal assassin apparently invented to make himself a hero. However, who knows how everything was really …

War Water Time

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