Spirit of the Serpent Queen

Photo from open sources

The vast majority of people shy away from snakes, reasonably seeing they threaten their lives. But living in India in the state of Utter Pradesh Shakti Andyavara was not at all afraid of snakes and even loved them. And the snakes reciprocated her. Parents from her very birth noticed that Shakti and snakes are bound by invisible bonds. In early infancy snakes constantly crawled into the cradle of the girl, but she never touched. One day, a five-year-old Shakti went with friends to a walk. Children stumbled upon a snake nest and stirred it up. Enraged snakes attacked the children, many suffered from bites. Some even died. Shakti was not touched by any snake. Parents girls repeatedly made daughter playing with reptiles, one whose bite was fatal. Huge cobers meekly allowed she pull herself together, but if someone else approached them, immediately but they took a menacing pose and inflated the hood. Once father with horrified to see that my daughter is literally floundering in a whole tangle deadly snakes. In alarm for the life of their daughter, parents turned to brahmanas. “Do not be afraid,” the brahmin reassured them, “Shakti is nothing threatens. The soul of the serpent queen infused into it. Not a single snake touch her. When Shakti grows up, she will become their master and will go into the jungle to his people. “After that, the parents are no longer worried about her daughter, and she walked around the village with a royal cobra on shoulders. Shakti herself told her parents that she often saw her the body is long, silver-green, with black patterns capable of curl into rings. She perceived snakes as people, distinguished them, talked to them. Photo from open sources

Shakti did not become the serpent queen. At the age of 15 she died from inflammation of the heart muscle. On the bank of the river the girl’s body was laid on a stretcher to burn in accordance with custom. When did fire, hundreds, thousands of snakes crawled from a nearby forest. Residents the villages fled in horror and watched everything from afar happening. Hissing, snakes surrounded the funeral pyre. Land literally teeming with them. And from the jungle posed new hundreds wanting to say goodbye to their queen. Some rushed to fire, as if trying to burn out along with their mistress. Even when the last flames of the fire went out, the snakes did not leave Shakti cremation sites. Parents with great precautions reached the daughter’s remains and, according to tradition, scattered her ashes above a river. And only after that spent on the last journey of Shakti snakes began to creep.

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