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We will immediately decide: in this article we will not talk about the traditional sense of the term, but literally, when a certain a person in one place, which is confirmed witnesses, simultaneously abides in another, often enough remote location, which is also confirmed by witnesses. Of course we immediately exclude cases of meetings with identical twins, as well as just with very similar subjects. Therefore, we will only talk about witnesses confirming full identity, more when one of the split personalities is simply devoid the ability to move due to illness or injury.

Let’s start this story with a curious story of the famous paranormal researcher and writer Igor Vinokurova:

“I have not been home for several days. I am in touch with my family supported by phone. In the evening, on the eve of that memorable event, I warned that I would call tomorrow at 9 am and let you know when will be back.

At the appointed time, March 3, 1995, my wife came to the kitchen to the phone. After some time, having lost hope of a call, she headed to the other end of the corridor, to the bathroom. walked past my office, cast a quick glance inside and froze when she saw me there! But this could not be! The door to the apartment is located next to the kitchen and my parish could not go unnoticed. A meanwhile, I stood silently near the desk, bending slightly over it. My hands sorted through the sheets of the manuscript laid out on the table. The head was turned to the right, against the wall, and therefore was visible in The profile is exceptionally clear, including the mustache. It was recognized impossible.

Trying to better see so strangely penetrated the apartment husband, spouse turned, took a step, but there is no one It was!

Continuing the route to the bathroom, she heard a phone ring. It was exactly 9.30 in the morning. My call rang in just a few seconds before my ghost disappeared. But she saw him, most likely even when I dialed my phone number. After one and a half I was at home for an hour.

After listening carefully to the story of the vision of my double, I involuntarily thought – for the first time in my life I appeared in the image ghosts! What would that mean? After all, a meeting with his double considered a very bad omen. On the other hand, I myself did not see him. Moreover, when my double appeared at my place, I I didn’t even know about it. But days, weeks, months passed, and in mine life has not changed anything. ”

Vinokurov further claims that none of the researchers paranormal events failed to play a role in life ghosts. But a similar precedent was a little earlier with the well-known late 80s writer and psychic Martynov: he was in one Rode, and at that time met and talked with him friend.

However, the history of the appearance of such doubles has millennia. The famous philosopher of antiquity Apollonius of Tyana managed to bifurcate in the same way repeatedly, and once even allegedly disappeared in front of many witnesses from the courtroom.

In times of not so distant phenomenon, the split of man into over the years repeatedly demonstrated classroom teacher of the boarding house of noble maidens Emilia Sage, Franz female from Dijon. These events took place in 1845 near the the town of Wolmar, which is 36 miles from Riga.

In front of dozens of pupils, Emilia suddenly bifurcated near boards, and the double repeated the movements of the original. In other cases Emilia was lying in bed, and her double was walking around the room. Once all forty-two pupils managed to see one Emilia, sitting at the table of a class teacher, and another outside the window, digging a shovel flowerbed.

These strange bifurcations lasted about a year and a half and ended up scared by the stories of their daughters parents took almost all the girls from the boarding house. The bosses had her dismiss and it turned out that the poor woman because of her strange abilities had to quit the caregivers in nineteenth time!

Historian and writer Alexander Gorbovsky, citing St. Petersburg bishop Porfiry gives a story about the meeting of the poet PAVyazemsky with his double:

“One night I was returning to my apartment on Nevsky and saw bright light in the window of his office. Not knowing why he is here, I enter house and I ask my servant: “Who is in my office?” The servant said: “There is nobody there” and handed me the key to this room. I unlocked the office entered there and saw that some man was sitting with his back to me and writes something. I went up to him and over his shoulder read it written, cried out loudly, grabbed his chest and fell without feelings. When he woke up, he no longer saw the writer, but what he wrote picked up, hid and still melt, and before death I order me into the coffin and grave this secret of mine. I think I saw myself writing. ”

Goethe, Shelley and Maupassant met their doubles.

In 1810, Byron on the Greek island of Patros seized fever. And at the same time, a number of his friends met him strolling along London streets. In response to a letter from one of Witnesses of this phenomenon, Byron reacted without much emotion: “I have no doubt that we can (how – this is unknown to us) bifurcated, and the question arises in this case: which of doubles are currently valid, provide on your decision. I was pleased to know that this is my second “I” led gentlemanly. ”

In March 1931, in Moscow, the former Socialist Revolutionary Ksenia Serebrovskaya met on the embankment of the former party comrade Alexander Grinevsky. They got into a conversation. When Ksenia said that going to Crimea in the summer, Green invited her to visit him and gave his new address in the Old Crimea. When Ksenia appeared there, she saw a seriously ill writer who never left Crimea. Upon hearing extremely puzzled by his story, Green reacted in Byron spirit: “I hope I was not too annoying in Moscow and did not try borrow money from you? ”

Currently, the phenomenon of doubles is exploring the famous American psychiatrist Glen Hobbard. His findings about meeting with their own double are full of optimism: having met a double, a person realizes that another life exists and that he has a second self, which will exist after his physical death. Figuratively speaking, according to Hobbard, a meeting with a double is just hi with of the next world, and not an invitation there.

Another American psychiatrist, James Grotstein in general claims that no phenomenon exists. “Most people met with such creatures once or twice in a lifetime, while same time as for others is a common thing. “Grotstein interviewed a lot of people who saw their double. All they report a sense of deep satisfaction that arose on that the moment when the phantom appeared in front of them.

Parapsychologist Janet Dobbs from Canada claims the double it is an information and energy entity that, with one side, as it were, exists inside a person, but it can act offline. She has access to information stored in the United information field, and acts as a “guardian angel” when its physical carrier needs help and comfort.

According to Russian publications, meeting with your counterpart is not good, and, most likely, a warning about imminent death. From room to scary stories about a dying meeting with doubles Empresses Anna Ioannovna and Catherine II. Researchers of the New The lights claim the exact opposite. So think for yourself decide for yourself: to meet or not to meet.

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