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There are many bridges in the world where mystical regularity takes place. suicide. Among them is the Obvodny Canal Bridge of the northern capital Of Russia. Beginning in 1923, strange things happen here and people are constantly dying from suicide.

In that fateful year, a heating main was laid in Petrograd next to the construction of the Bypass Bridge, during these works found a temple and the remains of a male body. Without thinking twice the builders sawed the stones and put them on the pavement, and dead man’s bones – just thrown into the pit. After that all and started.

According to psychics, the holy place was desecrated, and caused the wrath of the gods. The strangest thing was that suicides on the bridge increased sharply in the year when it had the number “three”. Local authorities still only shrug their hands and, for example, do not find nothing better than simply hiding data from the public, how many people died from suicide on Obvodny Bridge in 2013 year.

Interestingly, some who tried to end this bridge, survived. And they say they didn’t even think to reduce abacus with life. But the scary voice at this moment seems to be calling, and an unknown force pulls a cursed bridge, and then abruptly pushes in the back. That’s why the residents of St. Petersburg are still afraid walk and ride on the bypass bridge.

To this we can add that residents of nearby houses often hear strange moaning voices calling them to this creepy the bridge. And sometimes to resist this – there is no strength. For this reason real estate in this place is the cheapest in the city.

It is said that in the thirties one psychiatrist tried to study this question is thoroughly working closely with those who rushed with bridge, but miraculously survived. Judging by his surviving records, he was close to unraveling a terrible secret. But … he soon ended his life, rushing off the damned bridge. It’s hard to believe what he did it of their own free will.

Mediums studying the Bypass Bridge say that energy is near it is terribly cold and has a dark brown tint – as if draws your soul underground. In addition, the number three is not simple. In many religious traditions, it denotes death…

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