Stalked by death

April 2013 was a truly creepy month for the 43- year-old American Joe Bertie. The man witnessed two tragedies: at first he miraculously survived during the terrorist attack on Boston marathon, and just two days later, I saw firsthand the explosion and fire on factory in native Texas. The man admitted that he considers himself lucky, but most of all he wants to “go somewhere away from all these explosions. ”

Bertie’s road to the Boston marathon began in just a couple of months back then he decided to take part in the race and help Champions4Children charity that helps children with rare and difficult to diagnose diseases. He was one of eight members of a team that ran in support of the sick children.

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The marathon runner recalls that he heard the first explosion almost immediately after finish line. He turned and saw smoke. After a few seconds the second explosion thundered. The man saw a rushing crowd, but to that the moment he no longer had the strength to flee somewhere. More on the last four miles Bertie felt very tired, but moved to the end, as at the start he swore to his partners in team cross the finish line.

But the thought of Amy’s wife, who came to support her beloved husband, did not let him go, the athlete admitted. As it turned out later, for moments before the attack the spouse photographed running Bertie, standing just 10 meters from the explosion.

Amy did not have a scratch, but the spectator who stood next to her, his leg and all fingers on his left hand were torn off. Amy first Bertie tried to provide the unfortunate first aid as soon as rescuers arrived in time for the woman, the spouse of the marathon runner started him feverish search. She did not know that at the time of the attack he was on safe distance. My husband’s mobile phone didn’t answer – he’s The battery has run out, it was not in buses and medical tents.

After the spouses managed to find each other, they went to his native Texas Austin. Joe Bertie is back at work but on Wednesday, just two days after the attack, he witnessed explosion and fire at a mineral fertilizer plant in the city of West. This time, Bertie was in the car.

Photo from open sources

Returning home from a working meeting in Dallas, he unexpectedly saw huge puffs of black smoke. Riding closer, he was convinced that again witnessed the explosion. “It must be a joke!” -recalls his first feelings Bertie. The explosion thundered so hard that his car flinched. “Giant fireball” was like those nuclear explosions whose photographs he saw on television. On the that moment Bertie did not yet know what happened, but he stopped the car went out, took some pictures and returned to car.

To a frightened man it seemed that something from the sky fell on the roof of his car. Black smoke began to swiftly envelop the highway, Bertie held his breath and pressed on the gas, trying as quickly as possible get out of the smoky zone. The danger soon passed, man called his wife and told about new disturbing events that were with him have happened.

The shirt-born family said that “I’m grateful to God for that he was merciful, “now the couple are praying for people who less fortunate. As a result of the terrorist attack in Boston, three were killed, about 180 people were injured. An explosion in the Texas town of West claimed lives near 35 people, including ten emergency personnel, who were the first to arrive at the scene of the tragedy. More than 200 people injured, 100 buildings were destroyed.


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