“Stars” on ice – beautiful and mysterious!

Photos from open sources

Nature often presents us with riddles, and not necessarily bordering on clearly anomalous phenomena or even mysticism. Sometimes it’s simply incomprehensibly beautiful, like, for example, ordinary snowflakes, although this is nothing supernatural. That’s how it is perceive these amazing stars on ice (see photo), who were lucky to see and shoot the Czech photographer Peter Hikshu.

A photo from open sources

Another thing is that such ice stars, say, unlike those the snowflakes, fantastic in their configurations, to which we have long been used to, are so rare that few people talk about them knows and few saw them firsthand.

A photo from open sources

And it happened in the pond Slavkov-u-Brna of the Czech Republic, which froze like this in an original way, “depicting” on this “ice canvas “incomprehensible signs in the form of shapeless stars. Or maybe these are the signs clear to someone? What do you think? For example, mysterious circles on Baikal’s ice, scientists are still perplexed, and the lake itself strikes with all sorts of anomalies, for example, chronomirii, constant attention to this unique reservoir of UFOs and so on. Maybe the Czech pond Slavkov-u-Brna is also some kind of special? ..

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