Statues, mannequins and dolls sometimes come to life

Statues, mannequins and dolls sometimes come to lifePhotos from open sources of

For ten years, Jacques Herzic, a French journalist, collected materials for a book with an intriguing title “Killer statues, maniac dolls”, which was published at the end last century. The book contains dozens of evidence of this. an amazing and frightening phenomenon. Below we give only a few of them.

The suit becomes a killer

Festival of avant-garde art, held in 1993, clouded by a terrible and incredible event: came to life and “came to rage “one of the exhibits – a suit for underwater assembly works submitted by two French artists.

As follows from the story of a hall employee named Helgi Stress, in the evening, after the closure of the pavilion and a power outage, she heard in one compartment a characteristic crackle resembling sounds from welding. Still from afar, the woman noticed quite a large humanoid figure, which, publishing a metal rumble, stepped over from one foot to another and committed meaningless actions – burned with a welding machine everything in its path and bite into the walls with an electric drill. The figure looked like crazy the robot. Helga could not understand how this exhibit managed connect to power supply. As soon as a woman found herself near him, a steel monster grabbed her and lifted her over the floor. Looking through the round window inside the helmet, Helga did not see anyone there. The suit was completely empty.

A photo from open sources

The guards, who ran to the desperate scream of a woman, did not see nothing but burnt and perforated walls. The deep-sea spacesuit stood, as if nothing had happened, on its former place among other works of art.

A few more days passed – and in one of the premises of the exhibition were fragments scattered at a decent distance were found of the human body: legs, arms, brain matter, ears, nose … This was all that was left of one of the ordinary consultants who listed as a student of the faculty of art …

The authors of the spacesuit claimed that they did not equip their the work with additional details. By the way, expertise This fact was confirmed, after which the ill-fated spacesuit was destroyed.

Mannequin turns into a rapist

A mannequin added fame to one fashionable Parisian boutique, ordered by the store owner to demonstrate avant-garde male clothes. The saleswomen of the boutique called the mannequin Etienne. This mannequin the young man was stylish, just unique a bright green face and very human, albeit unnatural golden eyes.

Subsequently, the saleswomen said that, undressing and dressing mannequin, they noted something like an erection, despite the fact that Etienne had no genitals. His body started as if would tremble with excitement, which caused the girls endless Taunts and jokes. This went on for quite some time, until once eighteen-year-old saleswoman named Natalie did not appear in the police with a statement of rape.

The girl said that she was told to take the mannequin to the back room, to clean it and change clothes. As soon as Natalie crossed the threshold with Etienne in his hands, intending to turn on the light like a mannequin tightly grabbed onto the girl’s shoulders and, bending her down, raped her with something like a dildo.

A photo from open sources

Soon, another saleswoman became a victim of Etienne, over whom he mocked in a wilder and purely perverse way. From sin away the mannequin was removed from the window and taken to the warehouse.

Once the owner sent there for some reason twenty-year-old Edith. When ten minutes later, the girl did not return, her friend is anxious went after. What she saw shocked her: Edith’s body, before unrecognizable disfigured, writhing in agony on the floor …

It was decided to burn the terrible mannequin. On execution, which took place at a city dump, in addition to the police, attended all employees of the boutique. According to eyewitnesses, Etienne, as if alive, writhed in flame, and reflected on the face of the melting sadist cruel torment …

Venus statue with bloodthirsty inclinations

In the summer of 1998 in a remote area of ​​Italy suddenly serial a killer who, at two-week intervals, sent to the forefathers eight men with a very similar appearance. It was all high growth, certainly foreigners, a kind of blond with a Scandinavian type of face. There were dark marks left on the throat of all the victims. obviously not human – it is not clear by whom.

The maniac was never caught, and soon the killings have stopped. Most of all detectives were puzzled by the fact that next to the corpse of the last victim in the construction pit lay fragments of a marble statue of ancient Venus, which was previously stolen from the park next to the villa of a local businessman.

Just a few days after this incident in Sweden committed suicide by shooting himself in the head, a young an artist who came to Italy a year ago and copied here works of antique art from private collections. By the way the artist was a tall blond. From the diary of the deceased became in the history of the “awakening” of the marble goddess is known in detail.

A photo from open sources

Having received permission from the owner of the villa, the maestro came daily work in the park. Gradually he began to notice that the head sculpture every time changes its position. Venus clearly experienced sympathy for the artist. At the same time, she sent him certain trying to inspire impulses: if a young man does not reciprocate, his cruel revenge awaits.

The artist was finally convinced of terrible guesses when on the graceful marble feet of Venus noticed fresh ground: looking for him, the statue left its pedestal at night! ..

Before leaving, the young man came to say goodbye to the statue, but as he approached, the statue tried to attract the artist to himself, grabbing his hand by the throat. Miraculously escaping, young man hurried to the airport and flew home.

However, after reading in the press about the elusive and mysterious maniac, appeared in a place familiar to him, the artist secretly returned to Italy.

The statue, as he had supposed, disappeared from the park, and the young the man decided to conduct his own investigation. Artist whole hunted for a stone killer for days, and finally his efforts were crowned success: on the head of Venus, who committed another crime, an ice ax stockpiled in advance collapsed.

However, being a very emotional person, the artist considered guilty of the death of eight men, because they were killed the sculpture awakened by him to life. Unbearable remorse the young man decided that suicide would be his best solution …

* * *

Reading such stories, one involuntarily recalls modern robots and the fears of a number of scientists who claim that such “toys” can do great harm to humanity, if not completely to destroy. It seems that such fears are not without reason, when in in this world, even inanimate dolls and sculptures are able to come to life and become killers. What in this case to speak about robots, endowed with a certain mind …

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