Stay forever young!

Stay forever young!A photo from open sources

There probably isn’t a more attractive topic for anyone a work of art, be it a fairy tale, a love story novel or modern cinema than eternal youth and immortality.

This problem has been worrying scientists, alchemists, for thousands of years, doctors and, of course, politicians and very wealthy people, ready to pay billions for a pill of eternal youth and immortality. But… youth to this day is not subject to humanity. Though…

For example, to maintain the high performance of astronauts, working on an orbiting space station was created special cocktail AS10. What was the surprise of scientists when they found the returning space heroes rejuvenated. Steel look for the reasons for this amazing phenomenon, and suspicion immediately fell for a cocktail. It was tested on volunteers – and they too younger!

Is the elixir of youth found? On the other hand, scientists determined that genes are responsible for aging to influence, for example, with such miraculous drinks, and you can simply find the gene responsible for this irreversible process. And German scientists did find him. Now really finally got the opportunity to create such a welcome pill immortality?

About this and some other information concerning the eternal youth and immortality see the film “Forever born” from popular series “Documentary project”.

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