Stones are living things

Stones are living thingsA photo from open sources Any stones, and especially precious, melt in amazing secrets to yourself. Maybe, of course, not all, but here’s what amazing – stones can be alive, that is, grow and move around, turn out to be good or evil, know how to help or harm people, although at first glance it seems to us completely lifeless material, at best – beautiful (diamond, ruby) or ornamental (granite, marble), at worst – none.

Ancient people, about whose life we ​​know so little, to stones, especially precious, treated quite differently. For example, they believed that diamonds keep the memory of the previous owners, can bear the seal of the curse, and therefore they must be dealt with extremely Caution. Moreover, diamonds can often choose for themselves masters and become their devoted servants, however in this case they bring misfortune and even death to all those who steal them from true owners. And so it happened, say, with the famous diamond The “Hope” that Jean Baptiste Tavernier brought to Europe. Together with a plague came here in stone, and then this diamond systematically killed their owners, first French kings, and then others celebrities who got it one way or another. And such cases, when gems became the curse of their owners, very many.

Until now, scientists do not understand how the gigantic idols on Easter Island who delivered them from the quarries who planted colossal hats on their heads. And only at all fantastic has been voiced recently, although not so much the incredible assumption that the stone idols all this themselves done – they themselves went down to this earth …

A photo from open sources

About living stones that can grow and move go whole legends. However, scientists have already proved that the stones are actually able to move, moreover, they have breathing (not more often, than once a week one breath), heartbeat and other attributes living creature. Who, for example, has not heard about the miracle stone of one Buddhist monastery, which itself periodically climbs the mountain, and then comes down from her?

And in Russia there are a lot of such stones, for example, in the Omsk region lies a stone warm in thirty-degree frost, even moss on it growing at this time, and the earth beneath it is fraught. What is this phenomenon like explain it in terms of the physical laws of the earth, scientists do not they know. But more and more suggest that stones are peculiar memory keepers, like our flash drives, are only more advanced, possessing their own intelligence and colossal energy, which can both cure a person, even from a fatal illness, and kill in a matter of days and even minutes.

Stones Russia

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