Strange appeared over North America the clouds

Strange clouds appeared over North AmericaPhoto from open sources

Recently, the Earth has been happening, as they say, the devil knows what. Abnormal natural phenomena literally stun humanity in general, not to mention that millions of people on the planet it suffers from frequent earthquakes, awakening volcanoes, abnormal heat or, conversely, abnormal colds, cracking soil, as observed in Kenya (the African continent literally split in half), deadly hurricanes and so on.

A photo from open sources

Among the most harmless anomalies of this plan are mysterious clouds that began to appear here and there. For example, June 13 this year, very terrible cloud formations covered the state of Nebraska The United States, truly scaring the majority of North Americans. Even local old-timers have never seen anything like it. Itself by itself, all this gives rise to all kinds of rumors, and some are worse others.

A photo from open sources

Strange clouds themselves no danger of course represents, it’s even very beautiful, as users note Internet viewing pictures of this American anomaly, however the problem is this: what do cloud miracles portend?

A photo from open sources

Nebraska residents themselves make such assumptions:

  • the clouds are a consequence of the operation of climate weapons, and, the United States itself, with its Alaskan HAARP complex, may be to blame and Russia, which probably also has something similar, and then there rumors spread that China is building something on Hainan like HAARP, and maybe even worse;
  • Mother Nature herself can send such signs to people, warning of impending global disasters for North America. Here are just Americans with their characteristic logic of thinking they won’t understand in any way, but what can be changed in this case (not looking at the massive religiosity of the US population, few here comes to mind to change yourself spiritually to change situation);
  • some conspiracy theorists still remember the theory of intelligent clouds, however, it corresponds to the signs sent to us from above. In that case clouds can only act as performers of someone higher will. It’s not even about the rationality of the clouds, but the possibility transmit signs and messages to us through them.

A photo from open sources

In any case, there are more and more such messages on Earth, and often over mysterious clouds see over America. Why would this is?..

US Earthquakes HAARP

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