Strange blue snow fell in Petersburg

Strange blue snow fell in St. PetersburgPhotos from open sources of

Residents of the Northern capital are puzzled by the mysterious snow that fell on Pharmaceutical Avenue. Snowdrifts of a deep blue hue look quite beautiful, but they cause concern among Petersburgers.

Local ecologists have not yet been able to determine what caused such unusual phenomenon and whether it is dangerous to humans and the environment. So far, analysis of blue snow samples has not revealed the presence of blue snow. any extraneous inclusions however staff Rosprirodnadzor intend to conduct a more thorough examination.

A photo from open sources

Meanwhile, some citizens are asking a romantic question: What if the snow is exactly what it should be now? After all, on the nose like since winter holidays – maybe heaven decided ahead of the New years to give residents of St. Petersburg such an unusual gift? A suddenly the aliens tried it, the ufologists joke, remember the blue snow from the film Eldar Ryazanov “Promised Heaven” that he foreshadowed? .. Great idea, especially on New Year’s Eve!

A photo from open sources

Pragmatists, however, say that everything is probably to blame hit on the ground of methylene blue or cobalt. Many Petersburgers for this reason are afraid for young children eager sculpt blue snowmen, as well as for domestic and stray animals, walking on Aptekarsky Prospekt. While optimistic tuned residents of the Northern capital just admire it with fantastic snow and smiling – a holiday, why not to smile …


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