Strange “bubble” over the US military base

Mysterious bubble that suddenly appeared on radars in the valley Tennessee, USA, still remains unexplained. “Anomaly”, as she was originally christened, appeared on Doppler screens systems early in the morning on Tuesday June 4, and gradually covered approximately half the area nearby Huntsville city. The appearance of the bladder was accompanied by increased activity of military aircraft and multiple reports of the appearance of strange chemical odors. Photos from open sources

Huntsville, Alabama, is home to numerous American military-industrial complex companies, programs NASA, and one of the largest US air bases, Redstone Arsenal.

The appearance in such a place of such an anomaly led to the emergence of numerous hypotheses about the nature of its origin. Many attribute this phenomenon to the HAARP system, which for many reasons is not such a distant assumption, however in this particular case is unlikely. Others focus on chemical trails, as they are constantly mentioned in connection with recent developments of secretive geoengineering technology.

What is known for certain is that on Tuesday afternoon in this an increased number of military helicopters was recorded in the area, including many twin-rotor Chinook as well as civilian helicopters.

The most detailed hypothesis to date comes from the Huntsville meteorologist Ari Sarsalari, whose detailed radar signature analysis indicates some unknown a kind of military dipole reflectors.

“I think this is a new and still unknown type of military dipole reflectors. They usually consist of tiny, highly reflective particles (often aluminum) that are sprayed from aircraft or naval ships for knocking off the track of fired missiles, thanks creating false thermal and radar signatures. Observed by us the phenomenon shows strong reflective properties, too high for smoke but corresponding to dipole reflectors, “says Sarsalari.

This is how dipole reflectors usually look on screens radars:

A photo from open sources

And here is a shot of the bubble that arose over the base of Redstone Arsenal

A photo from open sources

“After a detailed study at our disposal photographs and radar images taken using the system differential reflection, my guess is that we are dealing with some new kind of high-tech invisible dipole reflectors that have been tested at this location and the fact of the test who categorically do not want to make public.

Apparently, whatever it was – it was launched up from base Redstone Arsenal and slowly dispersed to the east direction. So far this is only a theory, but I hope we succeed find out the truth, “says the scientist.


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