Strange children with blue eyes

There are many stories on the Internet about mysterious children with black
with your eyes (read more about them in one of our articles on
link), but the famous American explorer of the paranormal
appearances Jason Offut (Missouri) in one of his books
tells the case of an equally mystical meeting of a woman named
Shannon with a boy and a girl with unnaturally bright blue
eyes. And these children were also not of this world.

That day (and it happened a few years ago) Shannon and her husband
and two babies flew home from Vancouver. Their places were in
the very end of the cabin, so it was very convenient to watch
incoming passengers, especially since the family got on an airbus in
among the first. And at that moment, when the husband went to the toilet with the children,
the salon included strange children — a boy and a girl of about ten.

They walked through the center of the cabin, and Shannon was more and more surprised by this.
a couple, because the children were as if not of this world – the woman is
I felt every cell of my body. And when a boy
looked at her with unnaturally blue eyes, as if
piercing through her, she no longer doubted her

They were dressed quite normally, but this look that gazes at you,
why a ten year old child seemed very wise and a little
scary, just mesmerizing. Girl, she did not look at me at all,
staring at the floor. They approached and sat down somewhere in 5 rows before us.
And only after that I realized that I could not be the first to take
a look from those mysterious blue eyes.

But then the husband returned with the babies, and Shannon completely left in
mother troubles. The flight took place, as usual, no excesses
did not happen, and the woman gradually began to forget about the strange
children. Or almost became, because sometimes with surprise
stated in mind that they sit like a glove, nowhere
leave, and here’s what’s amazing: where are their parents? Who
let the young children in the air travel? Who их вообще
missed the plane without adults?

In Minnesota, when the plane landed and a ramp was already served,
Shannon and his family began to go out, and strange children with blue
eyes, she remarked, continued to sit motionless on their
places. True boy glanced at Shannon, and in him she
again read some urge, as if this child wanted to stay
with her alone and talk about something very important but to that just
there was no time.

While her husband was getting luggage, Shannon was watching the plane ramp. But
Here came the last passengers, and after them the flight attendants with the pilots,
and the ten-year-old boy and girl never appeared – they are like
stayed in the airbus cabin. But этого же не может быть!

And here only Shannon guessed that you need to ask about these
strange children of her husband. But когда он вернулся с багажом и услышал
the spouse’s strange question, the answer just shrugged:

I have not seen such children in the cabin – neither a boy nor a girl,
I have a professional cop memory for faces and details, but in
Our salon had no children at all, except for our kids …

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