Strange children with blue eyes.

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The Internet has a lot of stories about mysterious children with black eyes (read more about them in one of our articles on link), but the famous American paranormal researcher phenomena Jason Offut (Missouri) in one of his books tells the story of a no less mystical meeting of a woman named Shannon with a boy and a girl with unnaturally bright blue eyes. And these children were also not of this world.

That day (and it happened a few years ago) Shannon and her husband and two kids flew home from Vancouver. Their places were in the very end of the cabin, so it was very convenient to watch incoming passengers, especially since the family got on an airbus in among the first. And at that moment when the husband went to the toilet with the children, strange children entered the salon – a boy and a girl of about ten years old.

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They walked in the center of the cabin, and Shannon was more and more surprised by this. couple, because the children were as if not from this world – a woman is felt with every cell of her body. And when the boy looked at her with unnaturally blue eyes, as if piercing through and through, she no longer doubted her assumption.

They were dressed quite normally, but this one boring you look, why a ten-year-old child seemed very wise and a little scary, just bewitching. Girl, she didn’t look at me at all, staring at the floor. They came up and sat down somewhere 5 rows before us. And only after that I realized that I couldn’t be the first to take a look from these mysterious blue eyes.

But then the husband returned with the kids, and Shannon completely went into maternal chores. The flight took place, as usual, no excesses did not happen, and the woman gradually began to forget about strange children. Or almost became, because sometimes with surprise found in my mind that they are sitting like a glove, not anywhere are absent, and here’s what’s amazing: where are their parents? Who let the young children go on air travel? Who are they at all missed on a plane without adults?

A photo from open sources

In Minnesota, when the plane landed and the ramp was already served, Shannon began to go out with her family, and strange children with blue eyes, she noticed, continued to sit motionless on their places. True boy glanced over Shannon, and in him she read some urge again, as if this child wanted to stay alone with her and talk about something very important, but it’s just there was no time.

While her husband was getting luggage, Shannon watched the ramp. But the last passengers got off, and the flight attendants with the pilots followed them, and ten-year-old boys and girls never appeared – they are like stayed in the cabin of the airbus. But this cannot be!

And only Shannon guessed what to ask about these strange husband children. But when he came back with luggage and heard strange question of the wife, then in response only shrugged:

I have not seen such children in the salon – neither a boy nor girl, I have a professional memory of a policeman in my face and details, but in our salon there were no children at all except our kids …


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