Strange circles appeared on a Mexican island Isla del carmen

Strange circles appeared on the Mexican island of Isla del CarmenA photo from open sources

The other day, flying on the island of Isla del Carmen, which is located in southeast Mexico, a local airline pilot with surprise discovered on it mysterious circles that a man right there captured using a smartphone, which is why these unique shots will soon appeared on the World Wide Web.

The man explains that this is a deserted island in the form of a sand spit, overgrown with wild mango bushes. He flew over it many times lifeless patch of land in the ocean and never noticed here nothing like this.

A photo from open sources

It can be assumed that some jokers did this. But on the island can’t deliver the equipment, and manually dig as much circles – is simply unthinkable. And who comes to mind such “jokes” that only a pilot could accidentally see aircraft?

It turns out that this is something like the famous cereal circles fields that also appear as if from nowhere and are unknown to of what. By the way, circles in the snow were also observed in the world, so why would they not appear on the sand of the Bahamit mango district?

Note that crop circles have become almost commonplace in the world of paranormal news, snow drawings appear where less often, and “art” in the sand – just unique. That’s why the video (see below) attracted the attention of thousands of web users the Internet. Guesses are built different, but almost everyone is sure of the main thing – no one will ever know for certain what this message is, from whom and how to decrypt it …

Islands Snow

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