Strange cloud hovered over San Diego

A strange cloud hovered over San DiegoPhotos from open sources of

Mysterious clouds of a strange shape, completely behaving unnaturally, began to appear in the world more and more often. Some analysts find the reason only in the development of digital technology, when the camera of a mobile gadget became available today almost every person. Here, they say, and take off, everything that seems interesting and unusual, earlier about this at best told, and these oral stories did not go beyond a narrow circle acquaintances, which is simply not comparable with today’s opportunities Internet networks.

Another such strange cloud was removed the other day over American city of San Diego (California). Admit that each of us expects to see a video after all, but in this case the witness was limited to a photograph. Firstly, as the author says, there was no need for video because the cloud hung motionless in the sky, not changing its shape or position. And secondly, it somehow didn’t occur to him that the video could be more useful for researchers of such mysterious phenomena, for in this case, the only interesting thing about the American a city of some frightening cloud.

The cloud really looked scary. Photo by local resident, but he never saw anything like it, that is, to the cloud had such a strange appearance and hung over the city, nowhere moving and not changing its unusual shape.

What is this – a cloud of a mysterious form?

Ufologists immediately made the assumption that this cloud was only a disguise for a UFO, the famous often writes about this explorer of various manifestations of aliens from Taiwan Scott Waring. Cloud, cloud, blinding rays of sunlight, claims it is often used by representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations to disguises. And they can somehow create, regulate and then remove it all yourself, without even using natural phenomena.

On the other hand, some independent researchers, there is a theory of intelligent clouds, according to which these heavenly formations sometimes behave quite logically, purposefully and, most importantly, easily changing its shape, speed movement and much more. There were times when such clouds even wrapped people in the mountains, warming, and thereby saving them from hypothermia, that is, they came to the rescue to man.

What created the mysterious cloud over San Diego is hard to say, but in any case, it was not just a random vaporous natural phenomenon. Almost all Internet users are convinced of this, Acquainted with the picture of an American. Skeptics, of course, inserted their usual “fi” in this discussion, but in their “sober look” almost no one paid attention. By the way, if you are interested alternative views on events taking place in this world, which and our resource is dedicated, it should be noted that skeptics today getting smaller and smaller. Maybe this is also the merit of development digital and computer technology? Or maybe just new generation, not a table poisoned narrowly directed materialistic views? ..

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