Strange deer behavior on the German border and Czech Republic

Strange deer behavior on the border of Germany and the Czech RepublicA photo from open sources

Scientists from Germany and the Czech Republic state: after a quarter of a century after the fall of the Iron Curtain, deer from the border forests to still do not cross the border line where once stood electrified barriers. In this case, no other species animals do not bother the new borders of Europe.

In Czechoslovakia, where the Communists took power in 1948, on electrified fences, which were also guarded by armed to the teeth border guards. It is known that at least 500 people were killed. while trying to run. Deer also became victims of the murderous the barrier.

Seven-year studies in the Czech National Park Sumava showed that currently only red deer shun cross the line where the border used to be. Other animals her ignored.

The average life span of a deer is 15 years, and neither one of the living in the German and Czech border forests deer did not see the barrage with his own eyes. But the border is still divides two populations. As scientists explain, deer in the first year learn from their mothers where to go and where not to, and, obviously hazard information is transmitted from generation to generation.

The researchers made such conclusions by analyzing the information from GPS sensors on collars worn by three hundred German and Czech deer.

“I don’t think this is an amazing result. These animals really conservative, “commented Professor People Bartosz from the Czech University of Natural Sciences.

The hypothesis of an “iron curtain” preserved in the heads of deer, appeared 12 years ago, but then scientists believed that it’s all about old individuals who are afraid of electrical hedges. New data show that subsequent generations they are afraid to go to “enemy territory”, which is completely inexplicably. One gets the impression that a certain deer works “genetic memory.”

Learning about the phenomenon, specialists in paranormal phenomena. However, they do not approach the problem with biological point of view, but from extrasensory.

In their opinion, deer with good abilities to super-sensory perception, they are seen on the border of ghosts of people, who were once killed while trying to cross the line dividing countries of the socialist and capitalist camps of Europe.

And these incorporeal entities, of course, scare animals. therefore they carefully avoid appearing in unpleasant places, which leads to isolation of populations.

Based on materials from and the newspaper Anomalous news”

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