Strange figure or unusual cloud in the sky surprised the sicilians

A strange figure or unusual cloud in the sky surprised the SiciliansA photo from open sources

Residents of the Italian city of Agrigento in Sicily were very surprised when they noticed an incomprehensible white object in the sky, smoothly changing its shape. At first it resembled the letter “Y”, and then turned into a kind of loop. By including the following video, you can see the anomaly yourself.

Some believe that it was a real angelic essence. According to others, we have an unidentified flying object alien origin. If you believe the third, we are talking about bizarre cloud, perhaps even reasonable (there is such a theory). Fourth and are completely convinced that this object was a guest from parallel measurement.

Unfortunately, the recording quality is not high enough to consider the anomaly with the utmost care. Many argue that this white figure could not be a natural cloud or clot smoke, because it had extremely clear contours and took too much unusual appearance, like a mechanism or living creature, intelligent cloud.

Ufologists, researchers of supernatural phenomena and others alternative specialists are in no hurry to give any explanation of what happened. However, they all agree, that this is an extremely strange record, and something is clearly imprinted on it amazing, beyond the ordinary.

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