Strange flashes suddenly appear in the night sky Sveta

Strange flashes of light suddenly appear in the night skyA photo from open sources

Mysterious flashes of light in the night sky are recorded throughout Earth, including in the Russian Federation. Scientists independent researchers explain this anomaly (natural or artificial) not yet able. In principle, there can’t be a glow at night, very similar to solar reflections, but it, nevertheless, going on.

Especially many reports of such a natural anomaly come from Residents of the United States of America. For example, March 12 this year Wellington residents even managed to remove mysterious outbreaks light in the night sky and put online videos that widely discussed by web users.

However, the Americans are not alone in this regard, it became clear as soon as a huge number of people met the video. how it turned out that the same anomaly was observed by the inhabitants of New Zealand, for example, the city of Opononi. According to witnesses, a strange radiance comes just in the west, that is, from where the sun went. One gets the impression that the daylight did not go beyond the horizon until morning, and only “hid” behind him and as if spilled all over him lines.

Moreover, many have noticed that the night sky has become somewhat lighter, and this is observed all over the planet, and not just in the above cities.

One of the most frightening versions of what it is is that: such anomalies are most likely related to the displacement of magnetic poles of the Earth, the inversion of which, apparently, has already begun. True, plausible is the second version: Earth’s magnetosphere shield weakens, because of which the solar wind passes. And in fact, and in another If you don’t have to rejoice, we’ll hope for the best. If turn to the history of mankind then on our planet constantly some natural disasters occur – this is normal and not necessarily associated with human activities, as they want to prove many scientists recently.

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