Strange foam pillars on a Canadian river

Unknown formations made a lot of noise near the Pincher River Grick. Last Sunday, the Hammond family found a bubbling a substance that came out of the water along the banks of the river in Pincher Grick. They live by the river for three generations and say that never seen anything like it. “It was almost as if they were alive, “says Jeff Hammond.” The bubbles started rise, first one, and then the other, and then that in the center continued to grow in height. One of them was a couple of meters high. They are formed at the dam that the beavers built. ” StrangePhotos from open sources Hammond sent photos of pillars from strange news in Global News, prompting researchers from Lethbridge University give an explanation of the mysterious phenomenon. IN a heated debate began at the university, and a brainstorming session was held, to answer the question about the formation of foam pillars. Esther Jiscot, a glaciologist at the University of Lethbridge, says: “This is by itself myself very interesting. My first reaction was “it’s pretty unusual. ” Photos from open sources Photos from open sources The Hammond family and their friends come up with their own names for a strange phenomenon. They christened formations “foam – canoe”. However, researchers call the phenomenon “frozen pillars of foam.” According to Jiscot, the pillars arose due to the perfect combination of natural conditions conducive to so that the foam freezes and grows. These pillars are due to a series of defrosts and freezing, according to researchers from the university. Organic the substance in the foam forms foam, and a crack or hole in the ice allow the foam to push and grow. Researchers believe that manure forms foam, as animals often walk along this path, and he could be in the river and cause such a bizarre phenomenon. However the Hammond family believes that nature itself created something unusual.


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