Strange formations in the ice of the Arctic

NASA United States Aerospace Agency staff
America the other day during the survey of the Arctic Ocean
discovered strange roundish formations that are still
Arctic ice simply did not exist. At least American scientists
never seen anything like it, and therefore made a conclusion –
Mysterious structures appeared here relatively recently.

Captured mysterious circles and holes in the ice on the camera
a registrar during a flight around the Arctic on a research aircraft,
these incomprehensible formations are found in about 80
kilometers northwest of the great northern river delta
Mackenzie. NASA scientists have already put forward some versions of the appearance.
this anomaly, for example, it may have been formed as a result
melting ice due to global warming on the planet. On this
indicates, for example, the more gray color of the circles (thinner ice in
this place), as well as jagged ice layers.

Here is what one of the researchers says
US agency Nathan Kurz:

The most strange seems to be the form of these formations, that is,
why it is rounded. On the other hand, never before
No one has seen – this is also very mysterious and extremely interesting.

Another hypothesis of the occurrence of this anomaly in the Arctic
implies that these formations are made by sea animals,
say, seals, it is possible that warm currents have worked here.
Definitely only one thing – in the Arctic Ocean occur
some processes that nobody here has ever seen before. Related
it’s with climate change on the planet, with global warming, with
changing poles or something else, nobody knows for sure. But something in
the world is happening, and many signs point to this, for example,
frequent earthquakes, waking numerous volcanoes,
periodically occurring cracks across the planet (for example, one
of them literally tear Africa in half) and much more.

In this case, says the same Nathan Kurtz, the scientists of the world do
practically nothing, we can only observe and
state all these anomalies. If possible, explain something.
But no more than that …

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