Strange gravitational anomaly fell on video

A strange gravitational anomaly hit the videoPhoto from open sources

Reddit alias getupinthisrig published in a section of the site dedicated to inexplicable phenomena, very interesting video. Recording demonstrates a conventional applicator with lip gloss. The cosmetic drips from the brush, however this is amazing: it does not drip down as it should, but up, contrary to all laws of gravity! According to the girl, the drops flew away directly to the ceiling, which is why it was subsequently necessary to clean it.

In the comments to the mysterious video, hot disputes regarding the nature of this anomaly. Some Reddit regulars felt that gravity actually malfunctioned in our house heroines. Others decided that static electricity was to blame. thanks to which light drops of brilliance were attracted to the ceiling. By third opinion, we can talk about some strange chemical reactions. Fourth are sure that the girl was above the table ventilation, which elementarily absorbed the space vehicle. Getupinthisrig itself does not make any 100% conclusions, but instead, asks others to help her deal with this a riddle.

There were also commentators who suspected the usual the trick. Say, our heroine could stick things to the table, flip it upside down and shoot on camera like shine on his background is dripping down from the applicator. Then reverse the video by vertical, achieving such an unusual effect. Of course, it is doubtful that someone would do all this with a single aim to fool web users, however these days is already difficult say what people are capable of for “likes”, “classes” and “upvotes”.

And yet, if this is not a fake, then what? Is gravity sometimes crashes? Or maybe mysticism is mixed in here, for example, it’s so amusing poltergeist?..


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