Strange Heaven: a blocked rainbow flying angel in the clouds …

Strange heaven: a blocked rainbow, a flying angel in the clouds ...A photo from open sources

We suggest you look at the next celestial anomalies, which for some reason has recently appeared in our world more and more. Or just people began to shoot them more often on video and upload to the Internet?

However, the essence is not even in this, but in the anomalies themselves, which becoming more amazing, unique, naturally, like always inexplicable, and often frightening for some reason.

For example, on May 16 this year, one of the amateur operators, then offering his recording for public viewing on the Internet, shot a strange rainbow in the sky that was blocked by the dark a line, most likely, of clouds. However, the witness did not understand how they (the clouds) got it all. Either clouds are reasonable, like some independent theorists claim, and this way make fun of people, whether something happens in nature incomprehensible, because the American is not seeing such “half-arches” in of life.

Maybe someone noticed something like that, he asks a question? It would be interesting to hear a rational explanation for this. heavenly phenomenon.

The second anomaly is not as rare and unique as the first, however it is much more impressive, because the operator, apparently, took off in the sky over Irkutsk flying angel. How much is all this believable, not fake, you decide. But what’s interesting is such heavenly angels are seen, and now also removed, people periodically, and therefore it can be assumed that such a phenomenon still not a draw of operators (at least not always draw), especially since, according to the Christian faith, angels are around and surround us everywhere. Why don’t they sometimes appear to people?

And here’s what is striking: today, as statistics show, up to 80 percent of scientists in one way or another believe in God. But since the Most High exists, why are there no angels?

There is another interesting theory, already from ufologists: the gods are the same aliens. In this case, the angels are the same aliens, apparently from those who can fly. And the wings … Well, in all the myths and religious legends angels with wings why they are likened birds, we do not understand. And why is this? ..


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