Strange luminous “creature” hit the camera observations

Strange luminousA photo from open sources

The amazing video below has been received yet October 20 last year, however, experts in the field supernatural phenomena became interested in her only now. It is reported that the video was shot by a surveillance camera in a resident’s apartment Liverpool. A little after ten o’clock in the evening the device recorded in the apartments of the Englishman there is some mysterious anomaly that struck our hero to the core.

In the frames below you can see incomprehensible a bunch of light flying in an empty room. Liverpool sure that it was a kind of energy essence, and it shone so much that it illuminated the pitch room well on that moment. Why does this entity materialize there and where is it subsequently gone, the landlord does not know.

Many skeptics on the World Wide Web claim that it was just a light bulb suspended on a wire, or maybe in front of us video editing at all. It is this immediately striking “deliberate” luminous anomaly and made this entry unattractive. However, today experts are interested in it. far from accidental: they determined that no installation and even more light bulbs are not here at all. And then – what is it? Here why the video suddenly became popular, and now many consider a completely different point of view, far from skeptical sarcasm …

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