Strange mirages over Baikal

A photo from open sources

Mirage as a phenomenon is no longer a mystery to scientists. Any physicist – optician on the fingers will explain to you the nature of this amazing phenomena. However, sometimes people see pictures in the sky from which scientists fall into a stupor. One of such places where you can see such strange mirages is Lake Baikal.

Mirages of Lake Baikal

Mirages on Lake Baikal are surprised only by visiting tourists. Residents coastal villages observe from 2 to 16 mirages per year. Most often these are rocks of the opposite shore, a village on the other side of the lake, which you cannot even see in clear weather without good binoculars. But in the “mirage” days in a village hanging above the water, you can count everything huts and make out life lying 40 km. the smallest villages details. Baikal researcher V. Lamakin observed in 1957 Trans-Siberian passenger train passing over the lake highways.

But sometimes images of places in thousand km. from Baikal. In 1905, Baikal fishermen observed battle of the cruiser “Varangian” with the Japanese squadron. In absolute silence Russian sailors fought and died over the water surface. Shocked fishermen clearly saw all the tragedy and death the ship.

In the early 2000s, an English tourist who arrived saw over Baikal its native village, made out the house of its parents, about which enthusiastically told London reporters. All this is amazing but from the point of view of science is understandable. However the great lake sometimes shocking people with paintings whose origin scientists cannot explain. This is the so-called chronomrage – pictures past and future.

A photo from open sources

Baikal chronomrage

For several years, over the lake from time to time appeared mirage of a fairytale city: graceful columns, openwork turrets, stately domes. Baikal residents observed how every year the city perishes: cracks appear on the domes, the walls crumble. IN in the end the air city collapsed.

Repeatedly residents of Baikal villages and tourists observed strange mirage: dozens of wooden barrels floating on water. IN old wood barrels for storing omul, runaway convicts crossed the Baikal. Not everyone reached opposite shore. But those to whom fate was supportive gained freedom.

Neither penal servitude nor convicts have long been gone. Long time no swim in Baikal waters Omul barrels. But there is a mirage. Seen above the waters Baikal wheeled steamers, and even plows. Local fishermen claim to often see in winter a slow-moving convoy soldiers.

Many claim that they saw strange flying over the lake devices, obviously pictures of the future, because chrono-mirages are not only pictures of what was, but also of what will be. Here are just mirages These were?

A photo from open sources

Baikal as an anomalous zone

Irkutsk ufologists often come to Lake Baikal and not at all to to admire its beauties. In the area of ​​the lake they recorded several abnormal zones. The strongest is the zone at Cape Ryty. Locals have repeatedly seen here strange UFOs in the form of balls glowing from the inside, flying over the lake and smoothly submerged in water.

Some ufologists advocate a version of existence at the bottom of Lake Baikal alien bases. There is a version that there is a hole in the Baikal region into a parallel world and strange mirages, UFOs are all from the neighboring of the world. Irkutsk ufologists comment on such hypotheses very sparingly and photo and video materials available to them are shared very reluctantly. Apparently, they are afraid that excessive attention to Lake Baikal will destroy the fragile balance that exists here. So Baikal – the place is really unique, no matter how you look.

More recently, an incredibly huge mirage was watched by thousands people, and in particular tourists from China, in the area of ​​the famous mountain range Huangshan. A mirage in the form of mountains to heaven that far exceeded real peaks showed up here right after the rain.

Water Time Lake Baikal

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