Strange sounds from “nowhere” arose over Denmark and southeastern Britain

Strange sounds fromA photo from open sources

You have not heard strange trumpet sounds from heaven? Mean you lucky. However, they are not trumpet, but, as eyewitnesses say, sometimes some grinding, mechanical, or even completely similar to the roar is unknown from where. They are called apocalyptic, but only because the nature of these invisible “organs” and “cellos” no one He doesn’t know – just guesses.

According to Mrmb333 on his “space resource”, strange sounds from above, as if from “nowhere”, now appeared above Denmark and Southeast Britain. Something like a trumpet voice with heaven, like angels portend the end of the world.

True, if it were really the forerunners of the Apocalypse, then he would have come long ago, because such sounds in the world are heard This is not the first year. What are the most common versions that But this is this:

  • some changes in the structure of the earth’s crust, a shift in tectonic plates, however, why in this case the sound is heard not from below, but from above, it is not clear;
  • operation of HAARP and other climate systems, either test or whether the use of these invisible weapons is already;
  • “tricks” of aliens, the intention of whose presence on Earth we will never understand;
  • a failure in the matrix in which we are quite possibly with you we live;
  • just some natural phenomena, the essence of which science comprehend is not yet able to because of their “youth” and extreme fantasticness.

At this time, ordinary British and Danes (in this case, they) they get scared and try to find out (at least from someone) what it is and how could this threaten them? So far – nothing, but often such trumpet sounds come from the sky for quite some time and begin drive people crazy. True, only a few, but some citizens this rumble is not heard at all. And this is another amazing a riddle …

UK Time Doomsday

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