Strange things happen

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These events seem unbelievable and impossible in principle. no less they are not so rare, and therefore attract close attention of researchers of abnormal phenomena. True, scientists cannot explain this phenomenon yet.

House from the past

This happened in Wiltshire (South West England). Young a girl named Edna Hagis was cycling to her friend. When a deserted road led her to the outskirts of Swindon, a thunderstorm began. Edna instantly got wet through. All of a sudden near the road, she saw a lonely house under a thatched roof, a smoke curled over his pipe. Wet and chilled, the girl knocked in the door.

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An old tall man opened her. Without saying a word, he missed an unexpected guest into the house. It was warm and cozy, in the fire was merrily burning in the fireplace. Despite the stubborn silence of the owner, Edna was very grateful to him for the shelter. The benefit of this allowed her dry and warm.

However, some time passed – and suddenly the walls, the ceiling of the house and everything that was in it began to fade, and then completely disappeared. Miss Hagis saw that she was on the same road again on bike, the benefit of rain by this time has already ended.

Having finally reached a friend, she met others there guests, too wet, as they rode the same road. When they listened to the story of Edna, then said that there was no home in this no place – only one abandoned ruins. Being strong intrigued, the girl went back the same way. And what is she did you see? At the place where the silent master let her into his warm housing, now there was an old foundation, the path to which overgrown with thick weeds …

House falling into space void

Once a Tanzanian Juma Mbil, returning home and opening the door, almost speechless. Instead of the usual premises, he saw … cosmic void with brightly flickering dots of stars. The man went out into the yard – everything was fine there, again tried to return to the house – terrible infinity of space! ..

A photo from open sources

Being on the verge of insanity, Juma called the police. When he opened the ill-fated door, law enforcement officers were literally dumbfounded from surprise. And when they came to their senses a bit, they took a picture space abyss. This was not superfluous, since after a few hours – everything was lost, or rather, returned to the former natural state: home as home …

Later, the images obtained by the police were investigated by scientists. University of Dar es Salaam. Their conclusion was astounding. The starry sky looked like someone was looking at him from point located in the constellation Cassiopeia, which is 86 light years away from the solar system! ..

Spellbound House of Baba Vera

Similar paranormal events are also occurring in Russia. Once in the village of Klyuchi, in the Sverdlovsk region, lived a certain woman Vera. Her granddaughter Nina, who came to the village every summer, said that woman Vera was very pious and incessantly prayed. In the evenings, closing the door hook, she several times baptized them. I also baptized the windows and the stove, after which I calmly fell asleep. In fact, in this way the old woman defended at night my house.

One day, Nina went to a dance in a village club. Grandmother she warned that she would return late. And indeed, after dancing guys and girls went to the riverbank. For conversations and jokes the youth did not notice how it began to grow light. See Nina home moved the whole gang. Here the incredible happened. Log huts Faith was not there! Shocked Nina already wanted to knock on neighbors – find out what happened here during the night, but at this very time the disappeared hut began to appear.

A photo from open sources

To the amazed guys and girls, the roof first appeared, which, floating out of the fog, as if hovering in the air … Then gradually the whole house appeared; a light burned in its outer window. Rushing to to the window, Nina scaredly drummed into it. Baba Vera has already risen to this time and was going to the stable – to milk a cow. She reassured granddaughter, said that everything is in order …

Subsequently, the old woman’s relatives concluded that, with prayer baptizing her windows and doors, Baba Vera defended the hut from evil spirits and thieves. That’s why the house was hiding in such a mysterious way, according to becoming invisible not only for evil spirits, but also for all people…

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