Strange tiger puzzles scientists

A strange tiger has puzzled scientistsPhotos from open sources of

The Amur tiger behaved so inadequately that at first attracted the attention of local residents, and then specialists had to catch the animal and transport it to a rehabilitation center.

And it all started with the fact that on the sandy spit of the Bikin Dalniy River In the east of Russia, not far from the village of Yasenevsky, a tiger appeared, who for some reason did not go into the taiga, was not afraid of people and did not show no aggression. Tourists, of course, immediately removed the mysterious animal on video and posted videos on the Internet. At the same time about this was urgently informed by the staff of hunting supervision of Primorsky and Khabarovsk Territory, who realized that something was wrong with the tiger therefore, they turned to the scientists of the Amur Tiger cent.

At present, the head told reporters of this center Sergey Aramilev, we caught and examined the animal, but … didn’t find any signs of injury or illness in him, which sometimes cause predators to behave inappropriately, like, for example now. Of course, some diseases have an incubation period during which to determine what is happening in the body an animal is difficult, although the tiger itself is already responding to the disease. IN in general, time will tell, but for now … the tiger is under surveillance veterinarians and he is not in danger …

However, not all Internet users agree with conclusions of the director of the center “Amur Tiger”. Some of them saw in it something more interesting, for example, that this tiger just has consciousness at the person’s level (reincarnation, rebirth in an animal), and therefore he wanted to say back to people. True, why is it suddenly none of these “wise men” did not bother to explain.

Other users have even suggested that it a werewolf tiger that for some unknown reason could not return to human appearance, why “turned” for help to people …

I wonder if this is really not a disease, then how can people help the unfortunate tiger? ..

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