Strange video with a humanoid near a car widely discussed on the web

A strange video with a humanoid near a car is widely discussed on the Web.A photo from open sources

American Vivian Gomez posted on her Facebook page pretty strange video, providing it with the following comment:

Sunday morning I woke up and as usual looked at the surveillance cameras. On one of them was here this damn thing. Why am I talking about devilry? The fact is that on the other two cameras are empty, although they also “looked through” this plot in front of the house, albeit from a slightly different foreshortening.

It is clear that most Internet users, where a mysterious video soon came to light, it was considered a craft fake, as similar videos are called on the World Wide Web. However Facebook users have a slightly different opinion. The fact is that on his social network page Vivian Gomez does not look either a prankster, not even a person interested in paranormal phenomena. Her page is quite old and solid, so somehow it’s impossible to suspect a woman in fakes.

Then, the humanoid in the video is clearly small, but to a child dressed in it was able to portray such a gait and movements, as plastic experts say, this is unlikely. For this you need amazing talent, but as a rule, especially gifted people, including children, do not do such nonsense: they have enough attention and glory without it.

But who could it be then? Alien? However why was he captured on only one of the three surveillance cameras? Ghost? And again the same question arises. A joke of a respectable woman (mounting)? But for this she did not need to mention the other two cameras. And why would an ordinary, far from young, American it suddenly occurred to me to joke like that, this is not a teenager who wants to surprise the whole world with no one knows what. So there is a lot of question. No answer.

Note, the video has already collected (in just three days) dozens million views: Internet users are at a loss …

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