Stranger in an old hat at the cemetery

A stranger in an old hat at the cemeteryA photo from open sources

The story that happened to me just a month ago didn’t gives me rest. He told friends, and they assured that they also saw same as me. Just not so figuratively. In July, the summer season in the swing, and I spent all my free time at the cottage.

I only had a vacation in October, so I cut out at least a few hours for a summer residence. I will not say that I am a zealous gardener, but fussing with landings and rest in peace and quiet just transform me.

I went to the country on a regular city bus until the last stops, then ten minutes on foot. And somehow I notice that in front of me is a woman who, on the bus, I remember, definitely doesn’t It was. A lot of people got off the bus, but it is she who goes ahead me.

Her clothes then struck me: it was already hot, and she was in long brown skirt, some faded black blouse and in old-old hat that has lost all shape. Well, a little bit grinned to himself, you never know, people have strangenesses.

And suddenly I see how this stranger turns off the path to cemetery (this is the shortest road to the cottages – past the cemetery), stops and … disappears. That is, now I saw her – and there isn’t her, disappeared … At first, of course, I was dumbfounded, but I didn’t show it, I’m going, but looking around. There is none, even among low cemetery fences are not visible.

Of course, an unpleasant residue remained, but then somehow everything forgotten. And literally a week later I again saw her in front of me on the path, she was in the same vestment, and it looks like no one but I didn’t see her. I turned back to the cemetery and disappeared again.

Then I could not stand it, I told about everything that I saw to the nearest neighbor in the country. He didn’t even listen to me, he said that this lady in everyone saw an old hat, someone once, someone a lot. But all noticed that she always leaves in the same place and always disappears, dissolves in the cemetery. Who is she and why does she appear on crowded path, so no one knows.

And yet this story did not leave me. I decided and went to cemetery. It has long been abandoned, there are no new graves. Legs as if they themselves chose a path to a completely settled grave with a tumbled down cross.

It was almost impossible to make out the inscriptions, but on an ancient miracle surviving photographs vaguely guessed the silhouette of a woman in a long dress. Her head was decorated with an old hat, exactly the same as that of the stranger I saw …

Kulikov F.G., Naberezhnye Chelny

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