Striking clouds covered Ivanovo

Residents of the Russian “city of brides” Ivanovo shared with
users of the world wide web photos and videos
the amazing phenomenon that was observed the day before here. Low over
incredible lead clouds sprang up in the city, floating in the air with
great speed and resembled huge waves.

Experts report that this is an impressive atmospheric phenomenon.
called a storm shaft, or squall gate. Clouds so
of unusual shape, they say, are formed in the air when it
the temperature changes dramatically, and cold air flows are
below warm. Wind direction and speed vary, so
cloud masses twist into peculiar cylinders. Wherein
the appearance of a storm shaft is not at all an indicator
bad weather

As you might guess, some witnesses of what is happening, and
then the habitues of the Internet decided that something was in front of us
beyond the ordinary, and the experts, they say, just hang
public noodles on the ears. Conspiracy therapists suggest that speech
can go about the activities of aliens, the tricks of the spirits of nature or
even the approaching end of the world.

Clouds, I suppose, is also a poorly understood phenomenon, as
many others that seem so ordinary to us, for example,
lightning Scientists are already beginning to recognize that many natural
anomalies are studied superficially, that is, the underlying causes of
some of them are still not clear, and therefore generate different
rumors and superstitions. In this case, we are seeing exactly this case:
residents of Ivanovo are scared just by the fact that they have never seen before
nothing like this. If scientists do not even know the nature of lightning,
that sparkle around and everywhere, why are they so sure of
a heavenly phenomenon that has never happened before here? ..

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