Striking clouds covered Ivanovo

Striking clouds covered IvanovoPhotos from open sources of

Residents of the Russian “city of brides” Ivanovo shared with World Wide Web users photos and videos a striking phenomenon observed the day before here. Low over incredible lead clouds arose in the city, floating in the air with high speed and resembling huge waves.

Experts report that this is an impressive atmospheric phenomenon. called a thunder shaft, or squall gate. The clouds are so unusual shapes, they say, form in the air when it the temperature changes dramatically and the cold air currents turn out to be lower than warm. The direction and speed of the wind change, so cloud masses twist in a kind of cylinder. Wherein the appearance of a thunder storm is not an indicator at all bad weather.

A photo from open sources

As you might guess, some eyewitnesses to what is happening, and then the regulars of the Internet, felt that before us something beyond the usual, and experts, they say, just hang public noodles on the ears. Conspirologists suggest that speech can go about the activities of aliens, tricks of the spirits of nature or even the approaching end of the world.

Clouds, presumably, are also a poorly understood phenomenon, like many others that seem so ordinary to us, for example, lightning bolts. Scientists are already beginning to admit that many natural anomalies studied superficially, that is, the underlying causes of the appearance some of them are still not clear, and therefore give rise to various rumors and superstition. In this case, we observe just such a case: Ivanovo residents are afraid of just what they had never seen before nothing like this. If scientists don’t even know the nature of lightning, who sparkle all around, why are they so confident in a heavenly phenomenon that has never happened here before? ..

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