Strongman from Egypt

Photo from open sources

Mustafa Ismail, a bodybuilder from Egypt, got into the book of records Guinness as the owner of the largest forearms, biceps and triceps in the world. He trains every day for 3 hours for 10 years and not going to stop there. Hand girth Egyptian bodybuilder from shoulder to elbow is nearly 79 centimeters. For biceps, he takes a weight of 226 kilograms. According to Daily Mail, Mustafa trained twice a day for 10 years. Now he is 24. The athlete’s working day is not easy: Mustafa gets up at 4 in the morning, trains from 5 to 8, goes to work, eats and sleeps a little during the day, then goes to a second job. According to the record holder, for such special diet also affects the results: 3 pounds of chicken, 1 pound pork chop or fish, 4 cups almonds, 2 gallons of water, 3 liters protein shakes. “I love bodybuilding because your success in this sport are always very noticeable, “- says the athlete. “I like workouts to exhaustion, they teach concentration attention. ”

Photo from open sources

Meanwhile, many body culture fans are sure that not there were no special preparations: an imbalance between the arms and Ismail’s other muscles are striking. Some bind the success of the young champion with genetics: his father was famous Egyptian fighter. Mustafa Ismail lives with his wife Carolina in Massachusetts. Five years ago, he moved to the United States from Egypt to get access to the best equipment.


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