Studying in a chinese school sixth grader

A sixth grader is studying at a Chinese school.Photo from open sources

The average height of the Chinese sixth grader is 145 centimeters, however, in one of the schools of Leshan at the moment studying 11-year-old Ren Kiyu height of 206 centimeters. Teen on this the reason even needs a special large school desk.

When teachers first see Kiyu, they mistake him for high school student (and, in this case, are surprised at his big growth) and are asked to return to their class. Classmates often laugh at Wren because of his height, and passers-by are constantly staring on this amazing boy and almost immediately try take a picture of a giant.

However, our hero is not too offended by this attitude to himself and hopes that in the future an unusual statue will become his advantage. In particular, the young Chinese plans to get into the Book Guinness World Records and also thinking about a professional career basketball player.

Parents recall that his height was already 130 centimeters, when he went to kindergarten, while the boy continued grow rapidly. Close at one time, as noted abnormal the height of Rena, worried about his health and showed the boy to doctors. Numerous examinations and analyzes still show that the teenager is completely healthy, including on the hormonal level.

Despite the fact that our hero is a real giant, especially compared to their peers, the diagnosis of “gigantism” they didn’t put him. Most likely, he will be able to lead normal life without pain in the back and joints, changes in appearance, sexual weakness and other symptoms characteristic of patients with gigantism people. However, doctors fear that if the student continues to grow and further, he may begin to have certain health problems. But most likely, he is just a tall man with accelerated development, therefore, it will not become particularly high. And in this case, it may well realize your dream – to become a basketball player …

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