Successful American Car Salesman celebrated a century

A Successful American Car Dealer Celebrates a CenturyA photo from open sources

Derrell Alexander, a resident of the American city of Casper in the state Wyoming celebrated its centenary. Record this age Of course, you will not name, but it is surprising that the elderly the man is one of the most successful local sellers cars.

Six days a week, Alexander works at Whites. Mountain Chevrolet “Selling Modern Production Cars “General Motors”. The man sold his first car sixty six years ago when a liter of gasoline in the United States was worth just four and a half cents. Celebrating the centenary the car seller does not intend to quit his job so far. is he perfectly copes with his duties and feels physically fit for this job.

Durrell has been getting a good pension for over four decades, however, she cannot live without work. About five hours freely he spends time per day to study information about new cars. According to Alexander, in old age, remember a new information is getting harder, however, if constantly train the brain, then nothing is impossible.

What do you know about flying cars of the future?

Brad Follensby, general manager of the dealership, where a hundred-year-old car salesman works, told reporters buyers value derrell for openness and unwillingness to cheat customers. At first, the leadership of the point was skeptical of such trading practice, however, Alexander quickly became famous among residents of the city, and many buyers began to come here even from other areas of Casper to purchase a car from elderly employee. There is good fame about him …

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