Super dad awaits the birth of the 94th child

I have already been married to women from almost half of the countries of the world. Now I have 93 children, and we expect a new birth in two months. I’m planning to get married again within a month, ” said the 67-year-old man.

A photo from open sources

As Daad Murad noted, he intends to have 100 children, which, in his Estimates may already be in 2015. According to the one-legged retired, he has sex six times a day and does not trust artificial stimulants of sexual activity like Viagra. The secret of masculine power, he believes the rejection of canned food, frozen products: only fresh food, natural honey and dried quail meat. Now the youngest child of a man, the son of Nagayan, in total eight months, and the 15 oldest children have long been own families. At the same time, Daad Murad does not remember the names of all his descendants and barely recalls all his 23 wives – from Oman, Philippines, Pakistan, Morocco, India, Sudan, UAE, and Bangladesh and others. Today the “super father” family has more than 142 people. Recall, in October last year, a resident Of India Ramjit Raghav for the second time in his life unofficially became the oldest father on the planet. 96-year-old Indian born second son.


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