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American historian Jeff Strasberg in his book The Secret weapons of the Soviets “gives a lot of evidence that from 1936 to 1941 in the Soviet Union, work was underway on a top secret project to create a super-soldier. He claims in an experiment About 300 Komsomol volunteers participated and cites numerous eyewitness accounts. Photo from open sources No, the military was not stuffed with any chemicals and doping. Golds were implanted into their brains electrodes that prevent pain, and bones limbs were replaced with titanium dentures that protected soft tissue when blown up on a mine or shell, and also from bullet damage. In this case, any injury was of a nature “through”, and did not threaten bone fragmentation and amputation. Strasberg claims that about 300 participated in the experiment Komsomol volunteers (although participation was rather voluntary-compulsory). All soldiers were subscribed about non-disclosure, and for the disclosure of “military secrets” relied shooting! Half of the subjects subsequently dispersed through the military counties, and from the other half formed a special landing subdivision. A week before the start of World War II relocated to the Brest region, where it was in the first war day is completely destroyed by German artillery. Maybe, intelligence in advance reported to the fascists about the “super-soldiers”. But it remained 150 more victims of monstrous experiments on human flesh. Or maybe were there more of them? In 1945, the American Allies captured in Germany a secret medical center. Inside was several dozen autopsies that belonged to Soviet military personnel. The bones of the bodies were replaced with steel prostheses. For example, among them lay the corpse of an officer with metal ribs. A few people have been artificially turned into dwarfs – usually from they were made pilots, as small people were less vulnerable to the enemy and also could take with them on board the aircraft more fuel and ammunition. Work center for the production of “universal soldier “interrupted with the outbreak of war: almost all of his staff were mobilized into the army and died at the front. It is possible that about this special services took care: such witnesses were simply dangerous keep alive. After the war, the project was finally closed as unpromising: an atomic bomb appeared, and the idea terminator fighters recognized as obsolete. As it turned out, the book Strasberg is not the only source of information about “super soldiers”. In 1994, Vitebsk physician Sergei Konovalenko found in the old cemetery outside the city, the remains of a man. Obviously, one of the graves was washed with river water, and the contents to the surface. He was surprised that the bone skeleton was connected with metal dentures on hinges. Dentures clearly replaced human bones, not just arms and legs. On each of them there was an asterisk with a hammer and sickle, and under it – the inscription: “Kharkov. 05.39. ASC.” Konovalenko did not touch the find, as considered it blasphemy. Two days later he passed by again, but the mysterious remains have already disappeared: either they were washed away by rain into the river, or someone picked up. Sergey could not forget about this story and decided to investigate. So he found out that before the war in Vitebsk there was a secret center for military prosthetics. But there not ordinary limb prostheses were made at all. Absolutely healthy Red Army soldiers replaced bones and joints with artificial … In the hands of Sergei Konovalenko during his the “investigation” hit the cassette with a copy of the video, intended “for official use”. Frames looked creepy: a soldier is cut a leg at the knee and get bones, then in something blown away like a camera of a soccer ball, something is thrust into the foot metal … In this case, the commentator reports that the operation carried out without anesthesia, since the center of pain is removed in the human brain. And indeed, on the face of the Red Army undergoing this to inhumane manipulations, a smile plays … In the second story the soldier’s hand is cut at the elbow – blood sprinkles with a fountain … And again the “volunteer” smiles shyly … According to Konovalenko, many after such operations they died – foreign bodies did not take root well the body. And for most soldiers with pain centers disconnected, subsequently detected brain tumors or mental diseases. Alas, the Soviet military surgeons failed create an army of invincible soldiers. Although the war, we still have won! Margarita Troitsyna

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