Superpowers: deviation or norm?

Superpowers: deviation or norm?A photo from open sources

Super abilities are called certain opportunities person to some actions that exceed the average. Usually when talking about superpowers, imply a tendency to extrasensory perception.

At the same time, it should be noted that as long as science did not define the norms of abilities for an ordinary person, to set “bar” for the so-called “over” people does not make sense. In such it would be most correct to say that initially people are not the same by definition.

Of course, people are always surprised and cautious about those of the human race who have too much large or too small sizes (giants and dwarfs, growth which can range from 56 centimeters to 2 meters 74 centimeters, or fat and thin, weighing from 2.1 to 635 kilograms). Ambiguous attitude of society towards both beautiful and ugly, tailed, hairy, multi-fingered, boneless. Everything, that has deviations from generally accepted norms, causes large interest.

So, for example, even before the First World War, a large a giant of the Arab enjoyed popularity in Russian circuses Hasan Ali origin, whose growth reached 232 centimeters. IN Berlin, public attention was attracted by a giant from France Dusore with the same height. In 1909, the circus performed immediately two hundred dwarfs whose growth did not exceed half a meter, while The age of the artists ranged from 18 to 62 years.

In the Soviet Union in the 80s of the last century, a large Liliput circuses were popular. But now we will talk not about physiological features, because there are deviations from norms are much more significant and surprising. It’s about abilities of the human body.

As a result of numerous studies, reliably it is known that on average a person can live 60-80 years, have 1-3 children. In addition, it is proved that a person cannot overcome his physical capabilities and run faster than a certain time, or jump above a certain bar. But actually all of these the framework is constantly shifting in favor of improved results.

No, people don’t have fins or wings at all. Moreover, modern man is almost completely a copy of his ancestors, but the man of our days has a considerable ability degrees exceed previous performance. For example, once all admired the speed of the runners of the Znamensky brothers, now their performance is the norm for most athletes in running. It is possible that today’s records in the near future will be the norm for future athletes, and 9.86 will not surprise anyone seconds while running 100 meters, or 8.95 meters in long jumps.

Znamensky brothers

A photo from open sources

Undoubtedly, a large role in establishing all modern Records played sports shoes and clothing, new techniques training sessions. But the psychological aspect is much more important, opportunity and desire to convince yourself that nothing is impossible not.

The same can be said about science: modern students could would be the pride of all the academies of science in the past, but for sure they themselves in old age will be pleasantly surprised by their own knowledge grandchildren.

In order not to be unfounded, we give a few examples to show how brilliant people differ from the bulk. For any ordinary person, multiply two 13-digit numbers quite difficult: this cannot be done in the mind, with the help of calculator, too, since it is not designed for operations with such numbers, column – multiply for a long time. And here is a resident of India Shakuntala Devi is able to do this in her mind in just 28 seconds. She set such a record in 1980.

Shakuntala Devi died in 2013 at the age of 83.

A photo from open sources

Some people demonstrate phenomenal abilities remembering. So, for example, Chinese resident Gu Yanlin knows 15 thousand numbers of residents of the city of Harbin. US resident Barbara Moore in During 19 days, she sang 1852 songs from memory. In 1987, a resident Japan Hideaki Tomoyori was able to name 40 thousand digits of the number pi.

All these people, if you do not pay attention to their ingenious superpowers, outwardly look quite ordinary. But sometimes it happens that the phenomenal development of some superpowers occurs at the expense of damage in everything else.

So, for example, the case of twin sisters, who, having wonderful math skills in everything else almost helpless, and for many years living in mental hospital. There are also cases when brilliant the scientists who made many discoveries were “embarrassed” in simple ones, ordinary things due to their absent-mindedness and forgetfulness.

All this is evidence that they are developing in most in one direction, that is, if well developed intellectual abilities, then physical, tend to leave to wish for the best. However, as usual, there are exceptions to the rules. IN In this case, Leonardo da Vinci which is the standard of comprehensive harmonious development. It is thanks to the harmonious development of mental and physical abilities man is saved even in the most hopeless situations. For example, chemical, temperature, radiation factors that usually lead to imminent death. Thus, it is known that certain temperature framework for a person. He can live normally at temperatures from 35 up to 41 degrees Celsius.

In this case, there are cases when people observed a very low temperature, but people remained alive. Military pilot Y. Kozlovsky in the winter of 1977 was forced to catapult and for 3 days was in the tundra with fractures of both legs. He survived, even despite the temperature of his internal organs dropping up to 33.2 degrees.

A photo from open sources

In medicine, there are cases when patients have been observed temperature 16 degrees and even a few cases when patients was minus temperature.

There are also cases where body temperature rises dramatically, but people are still alive. So, for example, at air temperature 33 degrees American Willy Jones body temperature rose to 46.5 degrees, but the man survived.

Also known are cases of the amazing friendship of a person with high temperatures and even with fire. For example, a person who regularly visits a sauna, is able to withstand dry steam temperatures of up to 140 degrees, there are those that hold at 170 degrees Celsius.

And the U.S. Air Force conducted experiments in 1960, during which determined the survivability threshold. During the experiment, nudes men withstood temperatures up to 204 degrees, and well-dressed – up to 260 degrees Celsius.

In this case, the maximum temperature with which a person can contacting, reaches 841 degrees Celsius. In this case we are talking about ritual dances on hot stones and coals, which are common in some countries of the world. Sometimes on such dancers completely burned clothes and shoes, but a strange thing – the soles of the feet remained completely intact.

There is another area in which a person is sometimes capable to show phenomenal abilities. So, periodically in the press there is information that certain people survived after receiving large doses of radiation after a lightning strike or after fights with a shark.

We can mention the fact that in some critical situations a person is able to survive after falling without a parachute from a height in several kilometers, run faster than a moose, alone to bear bookcase during a fire, in felt boots and a fur coat absolutely smooth pillar while fleeing the wolves. This list can go on for a very long time, but all these cases are united by one phenomenon – all people who have experienced such cases speak of that at such moments time seems to stop.

Porfiry Ivanov walked naked in the cold and didn’t even caught a cold

A photo from open sources

Of course, we can assume that the phenomenon of the so-called “time stretching” in the most critical situations is a purely subjective phenomenon, simply put, this is just human imagination. However, many facts that for years gathered by scientists, they say that sometimes people really able to somehow change the usual speed time, thereby gaining several saving seconds.

This is not so much confirmed by the participants of such critical situations, how many eyewitnesses who, not knowing about the danger, noticed time dilation. In addition, devices also confirm this (to for example, watches are in a hurry), and even records of so-called “black boxes” (in a second of disaster pilots manage to make several meaningful actions for which under normal conditions it would take them a few minutes).

Of course, the very idea that a person can influence the space-time structure is simply unbelievable. But on the other parties, unless all reports of superpowers that may manifest a person in critical minutes, sound more believable? ..

Another amazing human ability is foresight of the future. Despite the fact that in most cases, everything fortune-telling, dreams, prophecies, predictions and predictions do not come true, it is impossible to deny the existence of such an ability in people. Bright an example of what proscopy (the ability to foresee the future) exists, – Nostradamus, who lived in the 16th century, but managed to predict events that happened much later.

A photo from open sources

He accurately described the fate of Napoleon, Stalin, Hitler and many other famous people, and also predicted the emergence of steam engines, railway, balloons, thermometer, telegraph, telephone, light bulbs, rockets, planes and even an atomic bomb.

In addition to clairvoyance, paranormal researchers say that there are other human superpowers that tested in practice, but still have not found any explanation. This, for example, teleportation (instant movement from one places to another), levitation (free flight in the air), healers (surgery without anesthesia, pain and tools), passage through walls, chronoportation (moving in time).

Perhaps, over time, people will be able to test all these abilities. experimentally and theoretically explain. And now to humanity there is nothing left but to observe and wonder at everyone these unusual, phenomenal abilities. And besides trying answer the question – are all these superpowers random deviation or is this the norm for all people? And why did Nature create a person with such an almost unlimited margin of safety and superpowers?

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