Svetoch: the meaning of the Slavic amulet and symbol

The Light amulet personifies the power of the goddess of luck, prosperity and success. Ancient Slavic amulets are especially powerful magical items that were used by our ancestors for centuries. They appeared on Russian soil as a result of the fusion of several cultures.

Despite the fact that paganism formally left Russia in the 10th century, many details of polytheism remained. This was reflected in the amulets of the Slavs, which symbolize the power of one of the gods.


Charm Light: meaning

There are several types of Light, each of which has its own meaning:

  • A light in a circle is a symbol of continuous money making. With such an amulet, a person will find a permanent source of income, while high wages will not require unbearable efforts on the part of the employee.
  • A light enclosed in a square portends a successful investment. The owner of the amulet will find the most profitable option for saving and increasing money. This will not only ensure the family's prosperity in the near future, but also improve the quality of life.
  • The amulet in the shape of a polygon will help in getting rid of material problems. The person will understand what exactly needs to be done to increase income and deal with debt. A clear plan and thoughtful spending will be the key to the well-being of the family.
  • The square talisman is a sign of success and career growth. The owner of the amulet without the help of others will be able to take a prestigious position. However, increasing wages, status and prestige will require a lot of work and hard work.
  • An unlimited figure talisman indicates the power and strength that the owner will acquire. Thanks to the emerging inclinations of a leader, the employee will be able to change his position in the company for the better. In addition to career achievements, he will be successful in self-realization in other areas of activity.

Due to the fact that in the beliefs of the Slavs there were several deities responsible for good luck and prestige, more specific meanings of the masculine and feminine principles of the Light have come down to us.

Light for men

For male leaders in project teams or companies, Svetoch will become a mentor. Thanks to the intuition that appears, they will be able to direct their strength in the right direction. For those representatives of the stronger sex who are just striving for leadership positions, the amulet will be a source of confidence in their words and deeds.

Light for women

The talisman that a woman will wear will reveal her hidden talents to the owner. Thanks to new knowledge about her personality, the lady will believe in her uniqueness and get rid of complexes about her character and appearance.

Symbol Light

Depending on where to place the symbol of the Light, it will manifest itself in different ways.

  • In the office – to fast career growth. Thanks to the amulet, the employee will have new opportunities for self-development. Thanks to hard work and special options for realizing their potential, a person will become one of the first candidates for leadership positions.
  • To place a symbol in the living room – to prosperity in the house. The income of each of the family members will increase, which will make it possible to deal with debts in a short time. In the future, the money earned will be saved, while the quality of life will improve.
  • The amulet The Light in the bedroom has financial value, it protects the family from unnecessary spending. During sleep, the owner of the amulet will accumulate strength, as well as wisdom. This will allow you to avoid unwanted purchases and rash actions while awake.
  • If the amulet Svetoch is located in the nursery, then the teaching of children will accelerate. Their curiosity will increase, as will the desire to remember new information. Parents will immediately notice which area a daughter or son has a soul in, which will become the basis for further vocational guidance and especially serious preparation.
  • The amulet located in the kitchen will relieve the household from melancholy. The blues will forever leave family members, they will have a desire to develop and change for the better. Such impulses will be the key to happiness in the near future.
  • Wearing the Light sign in a girl's purse or in a man's diplomat will improve relations with others. A person will find a common language not only with old acquaintances, but also with hostile people. Established contacts and connections will help to self-actualize in the future and find options for their own development.

light amulet value

How to use the amulet correctly

Before you start, you need to activate the Svetoch amulet. It will not take much time, but the strength of the ancient Slavic symbol will increase significantly. Activation algorithm:

  1. On the same day, when the amulet Svetoch appeared in the house, you must take it with you to the shower. Putting it on the bottom of the bath or booth, they take water procedures. At the same time, it is necessary to provide your ideal life, remember your innermost desires.
  2. Leaving the bathroom, you need to wear a talisman around your neck or take it in your left hand. Crossing the threshold, they say: 'You know my dreams, you saw all the desires. Light, Light, serve, fortunately show me the way. '
  3. At night, the amulet is placed under the pillow.
  4. In the morning, you need to remember what exactly the person dreamed about. In dreams, he probably saw how to make dreams come true. If there were no dreams, then the path to achieving goals is more difficult than usual. However, with the Light, any adversity will be on the shoulder of a person.

After activation, the amulet can be put in place or used as a decoration. To enhance the effect of the magic item, the approaching procedure is repeated once a month.

The light is a Slavic symbol that not only protected people from evil forces and human slander, but also an assistant in achieving success. The wisdom of the ancestors has reached our days, everyone can learn about the magical power of the amulet. This will give a person the opportunity to influence his own destiny, to change some areas of life for the better. By correctly activating the amulet, you can enlist its support for many years.

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