Swamp of Ghosts – Manchak

Swamps of ghosts - ManchakA photo from open sources

To the south of New Orleans (Louisiana, USA) several dozen kilometers stretch swamps Manchak. You can move around here only by boat. There are only a few people living in Manchak. Many of those who tried to settle here left, cursing that the day when it occurred to them to settle in this “kingdom ghosts. ”

Extremely unpleasant place

The swamp itself is an unpleasant place: stagnant water, a rotten smell and a constant sense of danger (a swamp is a swamp). All these “beauties” Manchak possesses fully plus his “charms”. Of blue-black water rise cypress cypress. Century-old trees with their crown they cover swamps from the sun, creating an eternal kingdom twilight.

A photo from open sources

The wind dampens the leaves, the breeze is just as rare like rain in the Sahara desert. The stench rising from the water seems as sticky as jelly. Moss-covered driftwood stick out from the water, the surface of the swamps are the semi-decomposed corpses of birds serving alligators abound in food here. Best nature for filming a horror movie just can not be found.

Swamps of Ghosts

But what ghosts roam the swamps? Not ghosts alligators scare people? For centuries searched here shelter escaped blacks. Hundreds, maybe thousands of fugitives found their death in these swamps, drowned or became the prey of alligators. What is strange is that the restless souls of these unfortunate wandering through the swamps, looking for reassurance? And if only they.

At the beginning of the 20th century, white settlers captured the voodoo priestess and kept her here in Manchak. The chronicles preserved her name – Julia White In 1915 it was burned. Before death, the sorceress cursed tormentors and this place, and after her death, a terrible hurricane destroyed three villages (there were human casualties). The villages never reborn. And on the cursed swamp increasingly began to disappear people.

A photo from open sources

Runaway slaves, hunters wandering here, lost lovers thrills, lumberjacks trying to establish their business here – their corpses from time to time float to the surface, so that through some time again sink to the bottom. A spectacle, you know, not for the faint of heart.

And at night a howl resembling a wolf is carried over the bolts. But what wolves can be in a swamp ?! According to local residents, this howl rugaru – werewolves, people with wolf heads. Happy rugaru look like ordinary people, but at night they turn into monsters and woe to the man who comes across them on the road.

Visit the swamps of Manchak!

Authorities repeatedly tried to drain the swamps, but the task turned out to be unbearable. Whether the priestess’s curse or nature’s resistance was the fault, but the swamps were, are and probably will be for a long time. Able to settle in such a creepy place you can count on the fingers one hand, and to open any business is not already within for long years.

But extreme amateurs in the dream of meeting real ghost or see (of course from afar) living werewolf. Locals what is called went to meet and now those who want to tickle the nerves can take a walk through the swamps in accompanied by a local guide. For especially risky night excursions are organized.

A photo from open sources

True, the swamp is a swamp and every excursionist compulsorily familiarizes himself with the rules according to which it is strictly forbidden to pull out a tourist who has fallen into the water. Too often, attempts to save only increased the death toll: neither burning torches nor shots scare off Manchak’s alligators. Only by signing in the column “familiarized” the extremal will get a place in the boat.

A photo from open sources

Do tourists’ hopes for unusual meetings come true? And yes and not. Many claim to have seen ghosts, and werewolves, and even demonstrate fuzzy photographs in which at you can see anything you want, even a ghost burnt Voodoo Priestesses However, hardly any of them counted.

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